Mornings Made Easier With Nutella


Some people are naturally good in the mornings. My eldest child was up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as soon as the alarm went off at 6:45am. He then came straight in our room and cheerily saluted us and said he was ready to get up and start the day! I kid you not, I wish I had that kind of enthusiasm in the mornings!

I don’t wake up with a spring in my step, I literally have to be dragged out of bed! As a result, I tend to be running behind schedule in the mornings. My youngest is much like me he tries to stay in bed as long as possible. Mind you I need to get used to these earlier mornings, my eldest just started secondary school and his transport leaves before 8am! It is a real shock to the system, although by some miracle we have managed to get to school on time so far! But we are only two days in to the new term, so I know we need to get into a good routine for that to continue.

Here are my tips if you are struggling with the early starts now the kids are back in school.

Enjoy a hassle free breakfast with Nutella

As a family we enjoy tasty Nutella as part of a balanced breakfast. A 15g portion (one heaped teaspoon) of Nutella on a slice of wholemeal toast is a tasty start to our day and is 80kcals! The secret recipe is made with quality ingredients, so you really feel like your spreading a teaspoon of happiness on your toast! It’s quick and easy to make and we never have any morning battles about breakfast as it’s a taste everyone loves. We always make time for breakfast because it sets us up for our day.


Start the Day with Music

Set an alarm to play your favourite song! I can’t stand the buzzing sound of an alarm it instantly dampens my mood. But music on the other hand I always appreciate. If you have a child reluctant to leave their bed, try playing a song they enjoy instead. We have found LUMIE bodyclocks to be quite effective too as they mimic the colour of a sunrise so its not such a battle to wake.

Prepare the Night Before

Preparation is important to make the morning easier. Do what you can in the evening. Lay out the clothes you need for the next morning and make sure the school bag is packed with all the essentials required for the following day.

Go to Bed Early

Get into a sensible bedtime routine so its not such a struggle waking in the morning. The boys stayed up later in the summer but now we are making sure they are early to bed. As a rule of thumb my boys cope best with 10 hours sleep. Any less and we really know about it! I could benefit from following the same advice. I am often guilty of watching TV too late into the night. Making myself go to sleep earlier will improve my mood in the morning and give me more get up and go!

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