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I usually worry about the cost of Christmas.  The main present on its own wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t need to be accompanied by a small mountain of different presents to open!  It’s probably my fault because I started off so generous.  I now feel I can’t cut back without Christmas being a bit of a disappointment.  But it can get so expensive as the boys have got older the main presents have become pricey.  I am so very thankful I have found the site PoundToy!

The site is jam packed with exciting toys that can pad out the Christmas pile on a shoe string budget.  I now have three presents each for them and they cost a lot less than I normally spend.  We have the Giant Bubble Maker (£3), Bubbletastic Bubble Copter (£3) and Sand Art Bottles and Sand (£4).  My boys are more interested in the number of presents to open rather than the cost, so my Christmas pile is off to a good start with just £10 each spent!

Pound Toy

One of my biggest concerns is the stocking.  We usually spend a small fortune on each one.  I was amazed how much I got for a bargain price from Pound Toy.  I am genuinely thrilled as aside from a couple of bags of sweets they are all ready for the big day!  It was an appealing selection of toys.  We have a dinosaur fossil evacuation kit (£2), Grafix Weird Science stink bomb set (£2) and Aquasand Underwater Experiment Kit (£2), Yulu Whacky Shots blind bag (£1), egg splat ball (£1), Christmas scratch art scraperfoil (£1) and Grafix Chickapult (£1).  Pocket money prizes but with a substantial feel about them.  The £2 toys easily look like they would have cost more.

Pound Toy stocking fillers

It is nice seeing proper brand names on the site like Grafix, Crayola, Disney and Lamaze to name but a few.  They seem to have even more products for younger children.  It is interesting browsing the site and feeling inspired without panicking about how much you are spending.  Free delivery is included when you spend over £25 and that is easy to do as there are so many great toys to pick from.

Ten pounds and its full to the brim of fun items the kids will love!  You really can’t say fairer than that.  Trust me once you have visited PoundToy you will want to come back.  I plan on regularly re-visiting to see if any new toys come in stock!  At this rate Christmas will be wrapped up and I will have none of the financial burden hanging over me into the new year.

My order arrived quickly and I really liked that it included a little bag of Haribo’s each for the boys!  A nice extra treat to finish off what was a wonderful package delivery!

Win a £50 Voucher to Spend at PoundToy

I am very excited that I also have a £50 voucher to spend on PoundToy to giveaway!  If you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 16th of October.

Win a £50 voucher for PoundToy

4 thoughts on “Win a £50 PoundToy Voucher

  1. I bought a bundle of stuff from here for my kids travel bags when we went on holiday. It was great getting some bargain toys that kept them interested and busy on our flights!

  2. How had I not heard of PoundToy ? I am going to go from here and check them out, Let the Christmas shopping commence!!! Thank you

  3. What a great site! Never heard of it before, but bookmarked now – looks great for all the presents through the year when the kids come home with party invitations.

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