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Let me introduce you to the Grumblies.  These are short-tempered mischievous creatures that cause natural disasters and general havoc!  Smyths Toys have four of these plush interactive toys available to buy they include Hydro, Bolt, Tremor and Scorch (RRP £19.99 each)!

Now the question is are you brave enough to try and tame one?  I am sure my boys would love to give it a try!  They are probably just as wild as the Grumblies so they would be in good company.  They would probably teach each other a few tricks.

Hydro is the monster of the tides and wave, Bolt is a creature of lightening and storm, Tremor is the Grumblie of earth and fury and finally Scorch is a being of lava and frame!  Each one has quite a unique expression on their faces.  So ugly they are kind of cute in their own way, with their messy tufts of hair and interesting facial expressions!


So, what can you do with these naughty creatures? Well each one has its own original personality and sounds.  You can watch the video below to see them in action.  But expect lots of silly noises such as blowing raspberries and having full on meltdowns when you shake them enough!  They look a bit manic when they are full on tantrum mode, rumbling away in rage! Although children will love the comic humour of them and seeing how easy it is to wind them up.

With 40 different reactions Grumblies never get boring!  You always seem to find out something new when you poke, shake, tilt or roll them.  This is one furious toy your child will love to own.

Win one of the Grumblies

If you would like to win a Grumblie to call your own please enter my competition below.  The giveaway will close on the 15th of October.

Win one of the Grumblies

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