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We were sent Word Bandit (RRP £24.99) to review and I was only too pleased to add what I consider an educational game to our collection.  Word games are something I am glad to encourage as I like to think my boys will benefit from playing them.  When I try and do spelling tests at home they tend to grumble and complain.  But they were only too happy to play Word Bandit instead, which makes them more proficient with words.

It’s called Word Bandit as a cheeky bandit has stolen some of the words.  When you see him on the wheel-spinning machine you have one less word to use, which makes your job trickier.  The biggest highlight was getting a chance to spin the wheel, my two thought it was so much fun.  Although none of us wanted to spot the bandit.

Word Bandit

Word Bandit is such a diverse game, it never gets boring as you navigate around the board.  There are four different games depending on where you land on the playing board.  These are Winding Words, Famous People, Things that begin with and Words Containing.  When you have an answer you just shout it out, it’s a frantic fast paced family game that everyone will enjoy.  My favourite is landing on the yellow spaces, so you must think up words relating to the subject under your playing piece.  I wasn’t very good at Famous People.  I am hopeless at names, but I think with time I might get better at this.

You can even adjust the difficulty which I like!  When you are playing game one you can choose to use all three letters so it’s a bigger challenge.  This is handy if you have an older child playing against a younger child.  You can improve the odds of the youngest child by making the older child use three letters.

I think it’s great that the game works just as well with two players or as a team game.  When we have lots of children over for a sleepover or a playdate its good to have a game that lots of kids can join in at the same time.  If everyone is occupied it makes my life easier!

Watch the Drumond Park video below to see the game in action.

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