iFLY Session with Red Letter Days


Yesterday we were booked on an iFLY Indoor Skydiving Experience in Basingstoke with Red Letter Days.  I must admit I was quite nervous initially, but our instructor Anthony Andrews was very welcoming and friendly.  He soon put us at ease and had a lovely manner with my children.  They ended up being completely natural and got the hang of skydiving straight away.  I think it was because they were so much more relaxed than me.

We had an early start as the Red Letter Days vouchers need to be used early morning or after 7pm unless you want to pay extra.  iFLY provide all the gear, the overalls, a helmet, the eye goggles and ear plugs because its very loud!  You do feel like they take your safety very seriously.  You need to arrive an hour before your session, so you can get kitted up and learn all about indoor skydiving.


On arrival you watch a safety video, so you know what to expect and to learn the hand gestures your tutor will be using in the wind chamber.  If you get muddled up there are also signs you can see whilst in the wind chamber to prompt you again, so don’t panic!  If you decide the experience isn’t for you, then two thumbs down let the instructor know you want out of the chamber!  iFLY seem to have thought of everything.


We paid an extra £7 each to do the Hi-Fly.  This was such a thrilling experience, it really does take your breath away.  But I did feel in safe hands with our capable instructor.  We went so high it was such an adrenaline rush!  Well worth the additional money in my opinion.  Certainly one of the most memorable parts of the experience.

Earning First Wings


We were keen to tick off indoor skydiving as it was on our bucket list for 2018.  It really was an incredible experience for the boys.  Made even more special as they earnt their first wings, which I was very proud of!  The instructor says they are quite strict and don’t give out wings unless you really have mastered the required skill.  In their case with the white wings they had mastered stable belly flying!  I on the other hand required a steadying hand to help me most of the time!

iFLY Flight Certificate

iFLY give you a school of flight certificate so you can see your progress and you get a debrief with your tutor at the end of the session about how you got on.  When you come back for more lessons you can continue to develop your ability and learn new skills.  The School of Flight certificate is a great way to document your competence.  It also guides the tutor on your next session, so they can continue to increase your confidence and pitch the session at the correct level.

iFLY Aerial Demonstration

At the end of the lesson our instructor did an aerial demonstration!  It was impressive to watch his skills.  He had such control of his body.  Indoor Skydiving isn’t as easy as some people make it look!  I struggled to get the hang of it compared to the boys.  The rush of air when you enter the chamber takes some getting used to as well.  It’s best if you stay calm and laidback to get the most out of the experience.

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