Set Up a Warm and Inviting Reading Corner – Some Tips

reading corner

It is a true fact that reading is a wonderful way to relieve stress and stay calm from tension.  Many people have the habit of reading a book when they are in bed.  But they fall asleep as soon as they start reading. Although other people prefer to read their book in a silent and cozy place just dedicated to reading. Let’s gather up few points about how to set up a warm and inviting reading corner?

1. Fit in soft materials

It is important to make sure that the area is cozy and comfortable if you plan on reading for hours. A good reading posture is very important for anyone who wants to indulge in reading for any length of time. Put thought into your furniture choices, do you require a trendy armchair or a big upholstered chair? A good suggestion for a reading corner would be the perfect armchair. This would be comfortable with armrests and would enhance your reading area.  Make sure you buy an item like this in-store so you can check its well suited for your needs before buying.

2. Using footrests

Consider adding more relaxing elements to your reading corner by using footrests. Complete relaxation and comfort can be obtained by making use of footrest.  Also they help the blood circulation for legs when you read. Furthermore Ottomans or poufs can be used as footrests.

3. Natural lighting

reading corner

A good suggestion would be to opt for a place that has plenty of natural light which is better for your eyes.  A window side can be a perfect place for reading.  Benefiting from both natural breeze and light. You can add further beauty to your reading space by placing silk flowers in the window or just enjoy the current view. This provides a natural look and makes you feel refreshing each time you sit to read.

4. Color splash

Don’t feel like you need to stay neutral with your colour choices.  Much more interesting is contemplating vivid backdrops from your favourite book to grab others attention.  Alternatively you could  take a quote from a much loved book and have that on the wall instead.

5. Scented candles

Placing scented candles in your reading area can be very relaxing and soothing. This will create a rejuvenating mood and help you overcome that stressed feeling. With such an ambiance you can start reading happily and truly unwind in a good book!

6. Use a bookshelf

As an avid reader you may find you accumulate a lot of magazines and books to read. It would be sensible to install bookshelves to keep them in a good condition and displayed attractively.  First and foremost the reading corner needs to be a practical space.  If it looks cluttered and disorganized it will never be a calm retreat to read.  Undoubtedly storage should be one of your biggest priorities.

7. Placing houseplants

reading corner

It has been scientifically proven that plants and flowers placed in our home are great as they enhance our spirits.  More specifically stress disappears and mood elevates by placing plants inside our house. In particular placing best artificial plants and trees can cause a greenery effect and energize. UV artificial plants are another great plan to make your reading area look stimulating without the commitment of taking care of them.

8. Napping place

Undoubtedly a reading area is not only meant for reading. It can be a great place to recharge your batteries.  The reading corner should be designed in a way for reading as well as for taking naps. Consider adding pillows, soft cushions, a blanket, and a lounge chair.

9. Decorate walls

Next make sure to decorate the wall of the reading area. For example find old photographs, vintage signs, and other artwork. All these simple ways can make your reading area look welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. Either follow a theme or hang pictures of icons from your favorite book.

10. Snacks corner

Snacks are also necessary for your reading area. As you read and get immersed in your novel, you may find yourself getting hungry or thirsty.  Have a selection of healthy snacks available so you don’t have to leave a good bit of the book your enjoying to re-energize!

11. Outdoor reading corner

reading corner

Your reading nook can be placed outdoors for a unique style. You can place an artificial plant wall and provide a green backdrop for your reading area. Also, artificial landscape plants can be added to your outdoors to enhance the beauty of the space. Furthermore artificial flowers are a good choice as they looks pretty and colourful all year round.  There are many sites available that customize and deliver plants, flowers, and trees to complete your vision.

12. Vintage feel

Conventional materials can be used in your reading area if you like leather and wood and want a classic space. If you desire to have the look of a traditional reading space you can opt for a ladder style, and high book wall. Also, the other parts of the reading area can be highlighted by placing functional accessories such as copper or brass statues or lamps.

reading corner

13. Using lights

Certainly it is always preferred to use natural light.  But in case your reading space requires light, opt for a bright light suitable for reading. Remember lighting is an important aspect as eyes should not be strained.

14. Add drapes

If your corner is near a window, you can add light colored drapes to frame your window and make it look beautiful.

In Conclusion

These are just a few tips that can be followed to set up a warm and inviting reading corner.  However there are many more ideas available out there.

To set up a reading corner for your kids you might have to do things a little differently. Consider your child’s preferences and tastes. Ultimately if the space encourages them to read more you have done an incredible job!

There are many more ideas online to decorate your reading area. Run through the sites and make a note of anything that appeals and then get creative.  Once you have done that you can add your own style and flair to the reading area!

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