The Deep Review

Whilst reviewing our
lovely stay at Sand Le Mere, we scheduled a visit to The Deep in Hull. It is a spectacular aquarium, with giant
tanks filled with an assortment of marine life (a staggering 3,500 creatures
when you include the bugs!!!).



very enthusiastic boys, keen to see everything, dragged us round but in such a
frenzy I do not think we did it justice.
Luckily when you buy your ticket you can fill in a form and then return
to The Deep for a further 12 months free of charge (terms and conditions
apply). Which makes it a complete
bargain! If we lived in the area I
would definitely be back plenty of times as it was a very atmospheric
experience, I have never seen such big tanks.

boys were completely fascinated seeing one of the staff with her hand in the
cockroach enclosure, she was putting in fresh fruit and the cockroaches were
roaming all over the place. She seemed
completely calm about it! I bet she
does not need someone else to get rid of the big spider in the bathroom… like
when I call hubbie in a panic!



in our rush of the aquarium we managed to miss the 3D “Bugs” screening, so
although we went round the entire place in a few hours, you could happily spend
a whole afternoon here. Some couples
(minus children!) seemed quite content, happily watching the fish. Mine were like “oooohh what’s that?” “Oh
look over here?” (Cue frantic chasing after them!).

they saw the soft play, when it comes to soft play they have complete and utter
focus. It is lovely though having a
soft play area midway through the aquarium, for the parents to rest their weary
legs (especially given their pace) and the boys enjoyed hiding in the tunnel.



boys were especially pleased seeing the divers in the water, you watch a live
screening of them preparing for the dive, what is important when getting their
suit ready and learning about what essential jobs they do in the tank. It was all very educational and you could
see the boys’ eyes sparkling with their newfound knowledge!


aquarium as a whole is very interactive, there are opportunities to get closer
to some of the creatures during the discovery sessions and there are plenty of interactive screens to help teach about endangered habits and
the effects of pollution.



the end of the aquarium you can take an exciting ride in the popular glass lift
to see the whole of the 10-metre tank and admire the green sawfish, giant rays
and sharks. We chose to take the
stairs, as there was a queue (plus we like to keep burning the boys energy
levels so come bedtime we have no fighting, they fall asleep as soon as their head’s
hit the pillow).

it was a fantastic experience. I do
recommend a visit if your in the area.
To find out more head to their website:

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