The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game Review

just had to review this, the name alone made it stand out. Also it does not hurt its already won a few
awards, so it has earnt its place in our games cupboard (space is a premium in
there, so we only want decent games taking up what little is left!!!).

game itself was really entertaining to play, great to help youngest with his
fine motor skills, using the cute squirrel to pick up the coloured acorns. It required some skill and its nice to see
youngest get better at it the more we have played. Even I dropped a nut a few times trying to use the squirrel hands
to pinch on to it, but not quite getting it right!

any game it is useful for learning to take turns but it is quite an exciting
game with the fun pieces helping keep the boys attention! Although youngest was fairly keen on wearing
one of the log-shaped game pieces as a hat…

arrival of The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game was our first introduction to the
Learning Resources site. But am sure it
will not be our last, it looks well stocked with a huge range of educational
materials. Investing in my children
now might pay off in the future, when they have that high profile position and
keep me in tea and cake for the rest of my life!!! If I say it enough maybe they will get the hint lol.

can win a copy of the game on the Learning Resources facebook page. It closes on the 30th of April,
well worth an entry, with five to giveaway.

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