Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Given the ever changeable nature of our weather, it can be easy to forget your garden. When it’s cold and wet you’re probably more inclined to re-design your indoor living space whilst ignoring the potential of what’s outside your door. If you’re looking forward to the approaching summer months then it’s time to consider your under appreciated garden. When the sun is out and there’s a light summer breeze, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in a beautiful outside living space.

Be realistic

Firstly you need to assess how much money you have to spend, how much space you have to work with, and how to make the garden as safe and practical as it can be for everyone in the family. If you have kids, water features are automatically out of the question, while if you don’t have green fingers, don’t plant lots of flowers. Here is hubbie demonstrating his green fingers:

Take inspiration from indoors

If you enjoy bright and bold colours, invest in some bright and bold outdoor furniture. Likewise if you prefer your living space to be rustic, you can bring this style outdoors as well. By ensuring that your living space includes the designs you love you are much more likely to spend more time in the area than if you go completely against what you know you enjoy.

Include features unique to the outdoors

Hammocks like these are great to include in an outdoor living space as very few people have room for them indoors. A Fire pits like these can also a great inclusion not only for the warmth they provide when the evenings drop cooler, but as they draw the area together as much as an indoor fireplace does.

Be prepared for changing weather

Since we all know how unpredictable the summer weather can be, don’t just prepare against the cold with a fire pit. Including a glass veranda or rain awning, as seen here, can ensure that the party doesn’t have to stop due to a little light drizzle. They can also protect your furniture and outdoor features, ensuring their continuing quality years after you’ve bought them.

Prepare for parties

Many people like to invite friends and family over when the weather is warmer so adapt your outdoor space to accommodate to this. Invest in a barbecue like this so you can cook for your guests without having to leave the party area, and serve up the grub on a large outdoor table.

You could also consider including a drinks cabinet or bar to your garden if you entertain on a regular basis.

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