My Wine Tour Courtesy of Blossom Hill Vie 5.5%

would think having 6 bottles of wine would quickly translate into a good night
in for a few of your nearest and dearest friends. But getting said friends together at an agreeable date seems much
harder than I first thought! You see
once you have children you need a babysitter and seeing as most of my friends
have kids, it requires the scheduling powers of a super personal assistant that
I am sadly lacking!

gave up my plans for a Cougar Town inspired evening with us all drinking from Big
Carl style glasses and decided to do a wine tour. I have wine and whilst hubbie is at home with our children I can
travel by foot. So I thought I would
distribute a little wine joy around the neighbourhood! Peddling the benefits of Blossom
Hill Vie 5.5% to one and all.

Free wine never fails to raise some smiles!

Forget a milk bottle, I leave wine!

I have just settled at home to drink it myself and must
say I am very impressed. I like
drinking wine but only usually drowned with lemonade, but this wine I can drink
just as it is. It is quite fruity and
very pleasant to drink. I thought I
would be a long live the spritzer kind of girl; well I think I am now a Blossom
Hill Vie lady!

Other feedback from my appreciative

“It is very refreshing. It does not leave a strong taste in your

“After one glass I felt myself
wanting anotherā€¦”

“It’s fruity and I would definitely
drink it again”

“It was not too sweet or too dry, a
lovely drink to drink by itself or with food”

Being a reduced alcoholic option means you
can be a sophisticated wine drinker and not suffer the same hangover the next
day! Well that’s my logic so I shall
enjoy another glass and leave you to check out the Blossom Hill website at your

Having developed a taste for wine I think I would quite like to try one of these wine tasting tours by d’Vine, a chance to sample good wine and appetizing food to compliment it would be a lovely experience. I think I should add it to my bucket list of things to do before I hit forty! Given I am in my late thirties I better get cracking. It would be a wonderful opportunity to visit some wineries and educate myself on wine! Then when I next hand out free wine for my friends I will feel more informed about the wine.

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