Time for a Spring clean

Now that April has arrived and we can look forward to more favourable weather, it’s time to turn your attention to your spring clean.

It’s amazing just how much stacks up in our homes over the winter months, especially during the Christmas season. Get your home in top form over the next few weeks by following these tips for a thorough spring clean and sell a few unused items from your home:

1) Organise your wardrobes

If you’re like most mums, your wardrobes and cupboards are filled to the brim with clothing, shoes, toys, games, and other miscellaneous items. The only way to make room for new items is to clear out old items that you no longer want or use. Bag old clothes and toys for donations to a local charity, or if they’re in good condition, try selling them online or to a local consignment shop. Once you’ve created some extra space, organise and categorise items so that they’re easier to find in the future.

2) Sort through your old book, CD, and DVD collections

With the invention of e-readers and digital music and movie libraries, you know have to keep a hard copy of your favourite books, CDs, and DVDs. Clear out the clutter from your bookcases and entertainment centres by selling your unwanted books and discs back through an online recycling program for a fixed price, or use them to do a fun upcycling project with the kids. Old discs make great coaster sets, while old books might be used for a decoupage project or stacked together to create a funky new shelf in your home.

3) Clear out paper clutter

We all have piles of receipts and stacks of old documents lying around the house. Scan sensitive information and important documents into the computer for safekeeping and shred the originals, or merely put them in the recycling bin to clear your home of unwanted clutter. To reduce future stacks from piling up, sign up for online bill pay and start getting your news or leisure reading materials delivered straight to your e-reader.

4) Find a new home for your old electronic devices

While the digital age has certainly reduced the amount of paper clutter in our homes, we have begun to accumulate an assorted collection of cameras, gaming consoles, television sets, laptops, tablets, Smartphones, e-readers, etc.. What can you do with these electronic devices when they become outdated or are no longer functional? Two options: find a recycling programme that will take them in exchange for a modest sum of cash, or, if they’re still in good working order, set up an account on eBay or Craiglist and list them there instead.

5) Clear out the cupboards and the medicine cabinet

Last but not least, direct your attention on your household cupboards and medicine cabinets. Get rid of any dry goods that have expired or that your family is unlikely to consume. For the medicine cabinet, clear out any products that have proved to be ineffective as well as expired medications. We did this recently and its great to have room in there again, it was getting to be quite a squeeze!

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