Crafty Kids Puppet Kit Review and Competition

took this set away with us on holiday, but as we had so much to do it ended up
coming home again, much to the boys disappointment, as they wanted a dinosaur
puppet friend to play with as soon as possible! Now we have settled back into a more manageable routine we
enjoyed making him yesterday.

With an RRP of £14.95 it seems incredibly good value, as
you do not need anything else to complete your puppet project (everything is
included, the glue, paint and paintbrush on top of the pieces needed to make
the puppet).

It is recommended for
children 6+ and I think that is more to do with the complexity of the project
rather than obvious safety concerns. 
Both boys (aged 4 and 5) enjoyed the painting part and trying to help me
with the glue (my table looks quite pretty now anyway!).

It is nice to make something together they can keep
afterwards, am sure their new dinosaur friend will have some adventures of his
own now. Using the strings you can make
it walk around, chomp on some leaves and help him explore his surroundings;
it’s quite a flexible puppet so great for imaginative play. He has had a few kisses and cuddles from
youngest already, the strings do bring it to life!

I found the strings a little tricky to attach, I was not
quite sure which went where, even though the instructions are quite clear, I
seem to get mind block if I think something is technical and phase out! But we got there in the end, when I

These sets would make lovely birthday presents, as they
have lots of choice to pick from. My
two are dinosaur mad so naturally they wanted to make a dinosaur but I am sure
their nieces would like to get their hands on a ballerina or fairy.

I like how they are educational, developing
their creative and artistic expression. 
The kit is also something enjoyable to encourage them to get them away
from a screen and spend quality time with you or if its raining and your at a
complete loss what to do with them for entertainment (half term is looming
after all!).

to buy from Amazon but fortunately I do have one Puppet Kit to giveaway here
(the winner can pick one from the six available options, a fairy, a ballerina, a Knight, a horse, a giraffe or a
dinosaur). The competition will close
on the 7th of June, just complete the rafflecopter to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

113 thoughts on “Crafty Kids Puppet Kit Review and Competition

  1. Poor horse, very few requests for a horse so far. Well I think my god daughter would love a horse, of course.

  2. i think the horse would suit my little girl really well! Great comp – thanks for running it!

  3. OOOO hard to chose, but I suppose the giraffe one would be great, as its
    something I could do with all the grand children. Brilliant idea as a
    prize, can't beat getting the little ones to use their imagination.

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