TOMY Chuggington Review

second TOMY testing opportunity was to review a selection of fantastic
Chuggington toys.

are great sets. I have seen them
advertised on television but the real test for the boys and myself had to be
trying them out at home. Luckily they
exceeded all expectations, I actually want to buy the boys more so we can build
higher and higher! It is a big
attraction for my two getting the trains to go down the tracks at speed, so I
can only guess at how fast they would go if the track were as tall as

instructions were easy to follow, I built the sets for youngest as a treat when
he came home from school, with only two short hours there I am left with a lot
of entertainment time to fill the rest of the day! But luckily Chuggington came to the rescue, riding the rails kept
him amused for ages.

built we had plenty of track for the boys to spread out and play, my two love
each other but they like fighting just as much! So keeping a little distance seems to help sibling relationships. They are sturdy sets and have survived what youngest especially throws at it!

Here is a video showing some of the features:

I think this set justifies the floor space it takes up! If you have some room to dedicate to it, you will not be disappointed, it is a toy your children can happily return to again and again. My two spend some time every day with it (and I admit I have had a few turns to!).

Available to buy from good toy stores.

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