TOMY Pokémon Review and Competition

Eldest has gone Pokémon crazy thanks to our latest TOMY toy testing delivery. When this arrived his eyes lit up and I was told excitedly “I am so pleased my mummy blogs”!!! Cue lots of big smiles, then “My friends will want to come and visit me and play with these”.

think they are delightful figures, as they are very detailed. If you’re a fan of the show they will be an
instant hit for your children, as they are very realistic replicas of the
characters they so love. Eldest is 5
but I know that these figures hold interest for children much older, so if you
start collecting them now you will get plenty more fun and entertainment for
years to come.

The figures are compatible with all the other sets which helps you feel your getting value for money, as everything can be played with together in one big enjoyable play session! Nothing worse than feeling your children have wasted money with something that has very limited use or appeal, but not the case here. Eldest loves them so much; he is trying to earmark toys his brother and himself have outgrown to sell so he can buy more Pokémon figures instead!

The Play n Store Case is simply fabulous. They can safely store all their beloved
characters inside and transport them on holiday or to a friends for more
battling sessions.

The case can hold a
fair few figures and doubles up as an exciting play area. Eldest enjoyed placing the characters inside,
spinning them on the spinner, pretending them were being fixed up by the nurse
(a sticker inside set off his imagination) after all poorly Pokémon need to recuperate! It’s a hard life battling…

My only complaint is that thanks to TOMY I now have to have
lots of boys round on playdates so eldest can show them to EVERYONE, so thanks
for that! But am pleased these have
really made him so happy. Also now I
have a good idea what to get him for presents again, he has exhausted
collecting Skylanders so I was at a loss what he would like in terms of
figures. Hooray I can bribe
good behaviour out of him again by linking his reward chart to the
figures! Tepig and Pignite will be his
next treat! Each figure has its own ID
tag too, so you can feel like a proper trainer by buying the complete kit with
plenty of scope to keep adding to your sets. The figures and sets are aged 4+ which I think is about right as some of the figures are quite small. Youngest who is 4 was quite intrigued by them but with eldest hogging them he did not get a proper chance, although he has claimed the Chuggington that arrived as his now (review to follow shortly).

Catch n Return Poké Ball was quite interesting; you
pull it back, open the ball and release trying to catch your figure off its
stand. I have yet to master it but we
are having lots of amusement trying to get the hang of it! It is quite a novel idea and eldest is
delighted to have such interactive sets.

Having tempted you
with how much fun eldest has had with these, I thought it would only fair to
leave you with an exciting competition to enter for your own children. I have a prize pack worth just over £40
comprising of a Catch n Return Poké
Ball (£12.99), the Evolution three figure pack (£9.99) and a Play n Store Case
(£19.99) to enter simply complete the rafflecopter below by the 12th
of June.

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140 thoughts on “TOMY Pokémon Review and Competition

  1. My eldest played with Pokemon when he was small and it brings him and his younger brother together . There is a 10 yr age gap so they dont always play well together .

  2. My eldest has just discovered Pokemon on the DS. He woud love these and could play with his younger brother that hasn't quite got the hang of the DS game. lol. xx

  3. I have no idea what my son loves about Pokemon. But he loves watching the programme. I think he likes all the different Pokemon and their skills.

  4. As you've mentioned, there's loads of scope for additions to the sets and feeling like a proper trainer…my son loves them!

  5. I've been playing Pokemon Gold like a maniac recently, so I'd like them for myself! :o) I've loved Pokemon for 14 years.

  6. My 9 year old would love these, he always puts them on his birthday list, but no one ever gets them for him 😉

  7. I can't believe Pokemon is still going strong! My son was addicted when he was growing up. I think its the 'collecting' aspect that keeps them wanting more! My grandaughter loves them too, but I think that has alot to do with the cuteness of some of them!

  8. My daughter is only 4 but she gets ever so excited when the little yellow one appears! I don't know it's name but if you're a fan you'll know who I mean! Lol x

  9. My daughter adored pokemon! She loved the movie, the tv program, the cards, the computer games. She said she would love pokemon for EVER. Not sure she's quite as keen on them now she's 22, but she would enjoying playing with cousins with these I'm sure. Cute memories!

  10. They love that the figures are colourful and fun and Pooh Bear thinks most of them are dinosaurs so you can't go wrong really 😀

  11. My son likes everything I think, he keeps telling me about one called celebe abd we love the song. We usually watch it if he's off school poorly as we snuggle up in bed to watch it so I think he likes that too.

  12. My grandson is pokemon crazy, he knows all their names, moves, attacks etc. Would be great if he showed the same commitment to his schoolwork lol 🙂

  13. This is the original multi-character game. My son loves the fact that he can use different characters with different powers. He loves collecting the cards and swapping with his friends.

    I just love Psyduck!

  14. Gosh I remember these first time round, we had tomagochi's (?) & I had to look after them during the day whilst the kids was a school & woe be tide me if I let one of their little pokemon die! It's funny how the grandchildren are getting into them a generation later too.

  15. My 2 kids LOVE Pokemon, think they're convinced they're real! Have to say I like Pickacu myself too!

  16. i am ten and i absoulutley love pokemon and i have been looking at these in boswells for ages but sadly i cant get them my ultimate wish!

  17. My step son loves everything Pokemon, when I asked him what he loves about them he said " Everything"

  18. My cousin's little boy has just got into these and loves the powers and likes the bright colours 🙂

  19. my daughter has got into pokemon fairly recently after watching a few of the movies on CITV, she loves the pokemon characters

  20. My daughter has just got into them and loves the fact that I used to play with them as a child too, so we can chat about them.

  21. From what I gather from my nephews it seems to be all about the swaps! That was stickers in my day!

  22. Benjamin loves Pokemon – each of the characters have learnt him the alphabet due to the numerous names.

  23. My wee boy loves Pokemon, and every time he plays with his games or I put his Pokemon cover on his bed it gives him the opportunity to tell us all his Pokemon joke…..again. 'How do you get Pikachu on the bus? Pokemon' *groan* hehe x

  24. My daughter plays some of the Pokemon games on her DS and always enjoys them. I'm sure she's be thrilled with this prize.

  25. That even though pokemon cards and pokemon came out way before there time they have the original 150 plus older sets because i used to collect them 😀 so they LOVE pokemon just like me 😀

  26. my son is just getting into pokemon which is great for me as i wasnt allowed to watch it when i was younger as apparantly it wasn't for girls lol

  27. My grandson has,nt discovered Pokemon yet, but this set/review seems like it would fire his imagination.

  28. My brother (now 24) loves Pokemon and has instilled a love of them to my DS. They spend hours watching and swapping card

  29. my kids love battling it out with the trading cards, I have no idea who they are going on about when they rant on about the characters, there's sooo many

  30. My son loves his pokemon ds game , these toys would be a great way to get him off the ds for a few hours ! 🙂

  31. My nieces think they're brilliant after my son let them have some of his gameboy games (he still plays the newer DS games & he's 20!)

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