Craft your Dream Car Competition

Eldest was quite keen to design his dream car to have a chance of winning a £50 Amazon voucher from Carcraft (plans of more computer games to fuel his addiction!!!). You could sculpt, build or simply draw your car and eldest decided he would draw his vision, then of course do some token gluing for good measure!

Although you cannot really see quite how spectacular it is without his full specifications list:

Good at driving and steering

Glass roof with a button to press for air

Can go up mountains

If a car is coming in front this car can extend allowing it to pass through underneath

Can also change into a boat


Has music

If there is a fly – use the fly catching button

Use the sweetie button for Skittles and liquorice

Drinks button for Cherry Coke, blackcurrant, Orange Juice, Milk, Water, Tea and Coffee (for the mums and dads), Tango and lemonade.

So with a drum roll here is the finished article.

I think its well worth everyone else entering as its a fun way to spend some time with your children, I really enjoyed hearing him come out with the cars features and of course he was pleased with the end result (I personally love how colourful it is!). The competition closes on the 16th of August, so tomorrow get out your crafting supplies, LEGO or Playdoh and see what your child can come up with!

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