TOMY Dinosaur Train Review and Giveaway

have reviewed the larger interaction dinosaurs before and they were very well
received. But in our latest delivery we had a selection of the
smaller collectible models, my boys were thrilled they love toys this size to
add to their battling collection usually.

Although youngest did keep them all together and enjoy some dinosaur
themed role-play with the train involved too. 
Although it did not seem the most comfortable of journeys, he sort of
rammed them in! Perhaps dinosaur train
were hosting a reduction on ticket prices for a budget experience…

these dinosaurs do not come with sounds they rely on the child’s involvement,
which is refreshing. I did enjoy seeing
them doing the actions and noises themselves. 
Although the train had a light and sound effects that helped with the
whole atmosphere of the dinosaur train the rest was my son’s imagination. Here is a little video to show how much fun
he had with them, complete with his own sound effects for the dinosaurs – I was
quite impressed with his range!

are well made and quite detailed figures. 
I have a feeling I will be recommending Santa squeezes a few of them
into their Christmas stockings, a bargain at Β£4.99 for 3 figures each
time. I know they will love them and
the adventure they come up with give us a moment’s peace to get on with opening
our own presents (hint for hubbie the present I crave most begins with an i and
ends in pad, wishful thinking!).

You can see more of the dinosaur train toys at the TOMY website and of course you must enter my
giveaway for Boris; he is the big man himself! Not from the little sets but one of the hugely popular interaction
dinosaurs I mentioned earlier. If you
fancy winning the charismatic T-Rex then please kindly fill in the rafflecopter
below by the 4th of September.

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237 thoughts on “TOMY Dinosaur Train Review and Giveaway

  1. We Love DINOSAUR TRAIN, Even I am learning dinosaur names that I have never heard of before. Plus I love the funky theme tune.

  2. Ieuan (4) is just getting into dinosaurs. We're in Cardiff so hopefully the exhibition is still in the museum…. x

  3. Budget experience made me chuckle! Lovely photos, looks like they had a lot of fun, I may have to invest in one for my four little monsters! Thanks for a great review πŸ™‚

  4. Nothing beats the confidence and honesty of a family mother blogging about lifestyle tips we can all relate too at some point in parenthood πŸ™‚ Keep posting!

  5. brilliant review, looks like your son is having a great time there, i can see my little monster loving this xoxox

  6. I love your son's dinosaur onesie! Great toys from a great tv show made by a great toy company = great comp! Thank you πŸ™‚

  7. These will be popular at Christmas. Glad to see the figures are reasonable priced too. Some toys are way too expensive these days. I remember being happy with a colouring book and some new felt pens for Christmas.

  8. Thanks for the fab review. These look great – very robust which is a must for train-type toys (which my kids crash into everything) and dinosaurs (which again my kids crash into everything!). I love hearing my kids doing the sound effects and the toddler particularly loves roaring. I'll def have a look for xmas.

  9. My little girl would love this, if it's not dinosaur train, it's George's dinosaur on Peppa or Harry and his bucketful of them…

  10. thanks for the chance to win this brill prize my little boy is obssessed with dinosaur train we watch it every day together πŸ™‚

  11. My little boy is obsessed with trains and has been on two steam trains recently so it would definitely go to a good home if we win!

  12. Perfect for my train obsessed little boy, he adores buddy! Dinosaur train, dinosaur train, gonna ride ride ride…. the dinosaur train! * stuck in my head all day now*

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