Harper Collins Book Roundup

My boys whooped with excitement when they saw this delivery,
the collection we were sent are the books they keep asking for at bedtime
now! Bearing in mind they have HEAPS of
books, its quite an accolade. Having
said that a few of them I am quite happy to read again and again just to
chuckle along with the story.

My favourite being The Day the Crayons Quit By Drew
– which had the boys and me in stitches, it is laugh out loud
funny. Hearing all about the
disgruntled crayons and their problems with the colouring world! I highly recommend this book, often come
bedtime you’re on your last legs as a parent, but this book will certainly perk
you up! I do not think I will look at
the boys crayons quite the same way again, instead I will be thinking which are
being over used and having a raw deal or those that are not being used to their
true potential! The illustrations
compliment the story wonderfully too and the author is a comic genius!

Splat the Cat Fishy Tales by Rob Scotton
appealed to both my boys (aged 4 and 6), the eldest was quite happy getting on
with reading the book himself. The
illustrations are bright and entertaining capturing the school visit to the
aquarium well. You can just imagine the
teacher having to tell my youngest not to eat the display animals… The story is very true to life, with Splat
during to impress the cute girl in the school party, he tries to appear
knowledgeable! I think his efforts are
charming even if the know it all cat Spike tries to undermine him and brandish
his fact book at him to prove him wrong at any opportunity! A delightful book that children will enjoy
and probably relate too, its good for them to learn to shrug off people that
make them unhappy and carry on regardless. 
He learns not to pay any notice to Spike and still wins Kitten’s
attention at last! I think we will look
forward to reading more Splat the Cat adventures in future.

Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scarry – we are
fans of Richard Scarry already, having been impressed with frequent goldbug
hunts! This is a welcome addition as it
has lots of words and pictures to help with developing reading ability. Sometimes children may grumble if they feel
they have to read a whole page of text (eldest certainly does now and then),
but break it down into pictures next to words and they will happily point them
out for AGES! Another way to coax a
little learning into them, the book has lots of different themes so their
vocabulary would come along a treat. 
Pretty much everything is covered, food, vehicles, animals, weather and
daily occurrences. Well worth £6.99
plenty to be getting on with here.

Where’s Tim’s Ted? It’s Time for Bed! By Ian Whybrow
– A sweet story of a boy desperate to find his Ted, so sneaks off in the night
looking for it with the help of lots of farm animals. Children love the toys they share their bed
with at night, they bring them lots of comfort so I can imagine a big hunt
happening if Blankie or Roary went missing here. Eldest loved all the rhyming on one of the pages, when the
animals are excited that Ted is finally found. 
Youngest wants to be a farmer so this book he liked, although I think
now he would try and get all the animals to make a pyramid for him now and
wonder why when they do not play ball!

Captain Brainpower and the Mighty Mean Machine by Sam Lloyd
– very enjoyable adventure here, my boys love stories of superheros and Captain
Brainpower and Mojo mouse make an interesting duo! It is full of escapades and excitement as Captain Brainpower uses
his brain (of course with a name like his would he do anything else!) to come
up with a creative rescue plan for poor Mojo. 
Ideal for children’s imaginations and shows them how using your brain
you can pretty much do anything! So very
motivational and you can tell them how important school and learning is so one
day they too could be like Captain Brainpower…

To find out more about all these titles head over to the
Harper Collins Children’s website. 
Bedtime reading will never be the same.

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  1. Oh wow, those books look brilliant. So weird you should mention Richard Scarry. We have his book 'Busiest People Ever' – Monkey loves that book, we spend hours reading it and going through everything that is happening in the illustrations.

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