Our Underground Adventure

We headed to King Arthur’s Labyrinth the other day, I love
taking the boys to new attractions and seeing what they have to offer us as a
family! We did not book in advance
which did panic me slightly in case we did not get a slot for our adventure or
had to hang about for ages waiting to be squeezed in. As it happens we got in straight away but if you did have a
little wait, there is a park, a series of sweet craft shops and a welcoming café
so it’s a nice spot to hang around either way.

It cost us just over £30 with the guidebook, but it was well
worth that for the just over an hour-long adventure as it was a unique
experience. Wearing hard hats walking
along dark underground caverns learning about the legends of King Arthur
accompanied by a mysterious hooded guide leading us through the darkness how
often do you do that! You even have a little boat ride too!

It says not to use flash photography to ruin the mood of the
visit for everyone; well I think they need to add for children not to wear
flashing trainers either. My two helped
us see the way, following their flashes every time they put their feet down! They stomped along very excited they had their
own lights with them…

When they say its cold and wrap up warm, they were not kidding, its freezing down
there, so do wear layers! I wish I had
put a vest on my boys, they had t-shirts, jumpers and a rain coat but could
have definitely done with more.

I am not sure we would go again; as we enjoyed the
experience but feel we have done it now. 
Although there is a separate Bard Adventure we could try next time. Hubbie is keen to give the Corris Mine Explorers a go when the
boys are a little older as more walking is involved with that. I am not quite so sure I could be underground for more than an hour though…

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