SwellUK Review and Competition

My hubbie has always been keen to keep fish and finally I
relented when I was offered a Tetra AquaArt Aquarium Kit 60 to review from the
lovely people over at SwellUK.

I was
amazed when the big parcel came; it was such a light but sturdy tank. So
instead of last minute packing for our holiday in Portugal hubbie decided to
set up the tank! Having done some
research he had found out he needed to set the tank up and have it running for at
least 4 days before introducing the fish.

was a little worried when he unpacked everything; he was surrounded in so many
different parts, the filter, the heater, water treatments and leaflets! But he seemed to have an easy time of it,
the instructions were clear and straightforward and before long we had an
attractive aquarium on display. The
only part of setting up that took any real time was filling the tank with
water! As its 60 litres he was back and
fourth into the kitchen a fair few times but the end result is well worth a
little effort.

liked that it is a complete set, as you do not need to worry about anything
extra aside from the fish, the plants and the substrate. It can be confusing setting up an aquarium
but SwellUK have made things much simpler by including everything in one package. Then you can also buy the plants and
substrate direct from them. They have
an extensive range of supplies for the most novice or experienced aquarist and conveniently offer free 24-hour delivery if
you spend over £50.

boys where excited when we parked up outside the pet shop to pick up our new
family pets, although hubbie might have been even more enthusiastic. He was having a very animated conversation
with a member of staff about which fish would be best suited to the size of the
tank. The children and I sloped off to
look around the store, when we returned he had some long nose snails to help keep
the tank clean, a molly, some dwarf Gourami and female fighter fish. He had asked for guidance for peaceful fish,
the last thing we wanted was for them all to disappear to a particularly hungry
aggressive fish.

only selected six fish as we were told it is not a good idea to bombard your
new habitat with too many, you need to introduce them gradually over time –
better a few at a time and they all live then having lots and many not making
it! When you bring them home its
important to let them acclimatise to the water in the tank, to do this you
leave them in the bag floating on the water at first then slowing adding some
of the tank water to the water in that bag, then you can enjoy releasing them
into their new home.

There is plenty more advice available on the SwellUK blog which makes an informative read.

a family we enjoy watching the fish, its very therapeutic. I am looking forward to these fish being
established so we can then add some more. 
We are beginning to learn more about owning fish, I must admit and I am
surprised how much I enjoy owning fish. 
Shame I had not found SwellUK earlier, watching them dart around in the
water is more interesting than what is on television and when its feeding time
the boys argue over who gets the privilege of doing that job! As my son has Asthma fish are a very
suitable pet for him and his allergies. 
He can have the pleasure of a pet without it making him unwell.

Tetra AquaArt Aquarium Kit 60 is worth £109.99 and I have been offered another
to giveaway, if you would like to enter then please kindly fill in the
rafflecopter below by the 12th of October. This is an exciting competition if you have ever planned to own
fish and not taken the leap yet, but if you do not win than at that price
owning fish has never been more affordable.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

261 thoughts on “SwellUK Review and Competition

  1. We used to have fish, might have to get some more as the kids love watching them. The boys love using coloured pebbles at the bottom 🙂

  2. I would love to win this. A little while ago I was looking into getting this very fish aquarium. I think fish are very theraputic

  3. this looks a great tank just the right size to would be nice and easy to keep would love this for my new grandchild thats arriving soon just incase she crys fish with lots bright colours would look the bizz fingers crossed good luck to all

  4. Thanks for the chance of winning this wonderful prize. My young son is fish and sea animal mad. He has been saving his pocket money for ages for a tank and som fish to fill it. He is desperate for a "pet" This seems like the perfect tank as it is so sturdy. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. What a wonderful prize 🙂 i had a marine tank years ago and i loved it unfortunately i dont have it anymore so this would be fab x

  6. This set up would be perfect for my kids to learn about keeping fish, they love them in the pet shop and always ask. money is tight so buying a set up isnt possible, this would be a great prize. im keeping fingers and toes crossed.

  7. My 2 year old daughter would absolutely love this – every weekend she asks to go to the garden centre so she can see all the tropical fish 🙂

  8. Great prize! I always used to win a goldfish in a bag every year when the travelling fair came round. Sadly the fish never seemed to live longer than six months.

  9. My son would love to keep fish, easiest animal to look after considering the fact that his second choice is a polar bear

  10. I think it's great that it comes all inclusive – so many people think it's just a tank that's needed and that's really cruel to the fish. This is a great little tank and looks ideal as an introduction to the hobby.

  11. My grown-up son loves anything to do with fish, even did Marine Biology at Uni. I know he would love this to set up, especially for his little girl x

  12. I used to keep fish when I was little. I would love to start again but have 2 kitty cats; they would love watching them swim around and with this I know that the fish would be safe.

  13. We want to get a couple of goldfish as my little girl loves watching them swim. This tank is nice and big so they would have a lovely life!

  14. Remember to check up fish compatibility with the size of your tank. A lot of people don't realise how many fish their tank can take.

  15. looks lovely tank, think the one in the photo is a gourami type, just be carefull if getting smaller more fradgile fish like pretty guppies as gouramies can be tail nibblers, enjoy x

  16. My sister emigrated to Australia 25 years ago and I "Inherited" the tropical fish and a bald cockatiel, the cat had left home the previous week and went to live with a neighbour and Bev's mother-in-law got the Boxer dog. Looking back I got the best deal and have loved fish every since, so tranquil to watch. Thanks :o)

  17. i love fish and have a 3 foot tank myself but the kids want something of there own so this would be fab it looks a lovly tank 🙂

  18. we had a massive Lionhead Oranda Goldfish that we called 'cheeky bobblehead' we had him for years and he was sooo cute and funny looking like a little puffball. I would love to have fish again.

  19. I love Tropical Fish and own a Juwel 190 lite Trigon tank in black in my living room my favourite fish in there is my red tailed Shark and Clown Fish. My son wants a small tank in his bedroom so the one like you have would be ideal for him and easy to maintain

  20. my sons been after some fish for agesssss, he has one of those pretend aquariums in his bedroom but would love real ones, i find it very relaxing sitting with the light on and the sound of the water pump and watch them swimming around 🙂 x

  21. Aquariums are very very soothing and add a beautiful ambiance to a room. I would love to win this prize and would recommend a good sized tank to anyone. 🙂

  22. I used to love fish but not had a tank in years, We used to have a parrotfish that would follow us around the room from behind the glass, scrounging for food

  23. To stop cold water fish getting constipated feed them a pea a week,They love them or try Algae tablets 🙂
    Would love to win this for our home my kids love their fishie's 🙂

  24. I really like this fish tank, I have a goldfish but it would be nice for him to have a larger home and some fishy company!

  25. Evening, my great-gran son Jacob, loves visits to the aquarium. he has a tank for his fishies!, but this is a superb tank, he would love it

  26. Colin the goldfish has recently died after a short but happy life in a glass bowl, so I would love to get some new fish in a fancy new aquarium! Rip colin x

  27. We used to keep fish. The boys liked watching them as babies. D once killed a plecto of ours. He shared his cheese spread sandwich into the rankand it killed him! Poor fishy.

  28. We've only been fishkeeping for a couple of months and although we only have a 25l tank, we love it. We're already keen to get a bigger one!

  29. My brother in-law has a fish tank and I think you need to really love fish and tanks to have it, coz you need to take care of it, I help him with his fish tank and I would love to have my own one 🙂

  30. Would love to have a tank again (mine didn't survive the last house move). Having fish swimming around is so soothing

  31. i have a child with multiple enviromental and food allergys. a fish is the only safe animal he can keep and they are soothing to watch

  32. I havent kept fish for a long time but would love to have another go. My son is old enough now to help out

  33. Great Prize! We had to sell our Fish Tank when we moved house and i wish we hadn't now….i miss them! They are so relaxing to watch!

  34. my partner and i have just decided to get some fish as my 2 year olds first pet. this is an amazing aquarium which will be so useful

  35. I love keeping fish as i love the colours and its very peaceful to watch and helps after a long stressful day

  36. This would be amazing for us – the school have just got a fish tank and they have had so much success getting Sadie (possible autism) to calm down and relax by watching the fish. We have been looking at getting a small tank for her at home so to win one would be just amazing !! x

  37. I love animals but we are not allowed any furry things. Would love to get some fish they are so beautiful and I love observing them

  38. I have a very small tank at the moment with 1 very large fish. I think they are a stunning addition to the home, soothing and it means we don't turn the main light on in the room!

  39. I have been a fishkeeper for a few years now and tend to stick with tropical fish, so relaxing and calming watching them swim about

  40. my daughter loves going to nanny and grandad's house and feeding the fish, not to mention going to the pet shops and waving hello to all the fishes!

  41. My family kept fish when I was a child and there is something quite hypnotic about them, something I could do with now!

  42. This would be fab! We had a couple of goldfish when my daughters were younger, but it was only a tiny cold water tank so not very interesting! I'm sure they would love this, and it would be a nice addition to the lounge 🙂

  43. My Daughter would love this, She has a goldfish at the moment but is always mesmerized by the different coloured fish at the aquarium shop

  44. After having to give up work due to medical reasons I asked my partner if I could have a pet of some kind to keep me busy. He rolled his eyes at me and said they were too much hard work. I suggested a fish tank as I have always wanted an albino Axolotl, even got books on how to keep one, he said when we could afford one I could have one but that seems a long way away.

    To win one would be a dream come true as I would now have a hobby and a little friend to keep me company.

  45. Some of my earliest memories involve fish as my dad has always kept them since I was a baby calming to watch at times

  46. i have never really kept fish properly before except the usual fairground gold fish but we bought a small tank from a local pet store when my son was younger but the advice they gave us was rubbish and the pleco fish we bough died because the tank was to small . i would love the opportunity to be able to do it right this time . i watch tanked and fish tank kings and i go green with envy lol 🙂

  47. Aquariums are so relaxing to watch but only have a tropical one if you really have the time to take care of it as you do have to clean it out quite often and know about your fish, goldfish are much easier to handle!

  48. I had a big tank with big fish a few years ago, but had to give them up when I moved to a smaller property. this would be perfect for me now and I'd love to have some fish again!

  49. looks fab. i love watching fish and owned many ove rthe years.. never in such a lovely aquarium though! 🙂

  50. My partner and I have been having a discussion about keeping fish for a while now so that when my baby is born he learns about caring for an animal without the mess that larger pets can make and this would be awesome to win 🙂

  51. This tank would be lovely in our newly decorated front room – and I'm sure our baby would be fascinated with the fish when she's old enough!

  52. My son's favourite trip is to our local garden centre to look at the fishes, it would be great to have a tank as he is asthmatic so a great pet for him to have.

  53. I would love to win this! We already have one tank of tropical fish (which are not the easy pets you would imagine – it's very difficult to get the environment in the fish tank just right so that they thrive) & would like another tank for cold-water fish. 🙂

  54. We would love the chance to keep fish again as we have not had any since our children were little but I am sure our grandchildren would enjoy helping to look after them!

  55. We have only ever had small bowls for fish I can imagine it would be lovely and calming to watch fish swim about in a larger tank .. at the moment I make do with a dvd that shows a fish tank sometimes (yes I know very sad indeed lol) xxx

  56. When I was little – I won a goldfish from the fair that visited our little village – he lasted 12 years and was the best pet ever x

  57. This looks like a great aquarium. I like the handy hinged lid and compact design of the filters. My acrylic one is looking a bit scratched and would love to win this

  58. I would love to win this, my daughter is at the age where she is curious in learning so this would be good for her educational needs.

  59. We used to have a little fish tank and loved watching them, and having a flat they're one of a limited number of suitable pets. A new bigger tank would be lovely.

  60. My 9 year old son has been begging me to be able to keep fish for ages. I love them as they are soothing and relaxing to watch.

  61. We have been talking about getting some fish for a while so this would be a fab way to start. Great prize xx

  62. my daughter would love to keep fish, her grandparents have them and she loves watching them and feeding them

  63. My 5 year old love fishes. She loves going to aquariums watching fishes for hours. She would love to have aquarium at home.

  64. My son has been a massive fan of fishtanks for as long as I can remember, he has a tropical fishtank which he keeps immaculate, would be lovely to have a small tamk for my younger son with fish tht are much easier to look after

  65. It's a lovely starter tank, my first fish tank was half that size and the fish quickly grew out of it. I would love to have one in my bedroom too, I find watching the fish swimming around so relaxing.

  66. I have to admit I'm not one for fish but my hubby loves them. Our trusty jewel tank recently developed a crack thanks to a wii remote taking flying lessons! So we had to transfer our little neon tetras into a £10 Wilkos cheapy while we save for another. It's great hat this includes the whole set up! Off to have a look through their website and see if my little fishes can gain a new home 🙂

  67. I used to keep fish, I'd love to start again, its so relaxing. I have a new baby daughter, so it would be nice for her to grow up with.

  68. Have always loved fish and find them so relaxing to watch. My girl would be over the moon to see this in the living room .

  69. My daughter has wanted a fish for absolutely ages, and I think it would be good for her, as she has a number of medical conditions, as watching fish has been proved to be calming and soothing. This tank sounds great!

  70. That is a fabulous tank & an amazing prize! I love fish & always grew up with them. I could watch fish for hours they are so relaxing & the kids are always fascinated by them too. They make very good low maintenance pets.

  71. I have wanted a fish tank like this for a long time! I love watching fish going round the tank it really relaxes me! I would absolutely love this prize!

  72. Keeping fish for younger children is a great way for them to learn how to keep animals responsibly. They always have a really calming influence too… could literally watch fish for hours!

  73. I would love to win this for my grandson, he has wanted an aquarium for ages but with 3 children his mum couldnt afford it. Winning this would earn me major grandma brownie points

  74. Been wanting an aquarium for ages but 'er indoors keeps saying no, but she has agreed if I win it I can have fish

  75. I have wanted a fish tank for years! My Hubby & son love looking at all the beautiful fish. I even have a spot picked out for it in our home!

  76. would love another fish tank, i gave up looking after fish a few years back but my kids would love to have a tank again now 🙂

  77. We used to have some fish but I evicted them to a friends pond where they thrived 🙂 I know a fishy person who would love this.

  78. Hey – Quick question, what tropical food are you using for the fish – I've been recommended this one but as it's my first tank thought I'd see what other people use too. Thanks 🙂

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