Weekly meal tips for working parents

There’s nothing more important to a parent than making sure your child is getting all the nutrients and goodness from a well cooked meal to help them through their growth and development; however, we all know how difficult it can be to take the time to make a home cooked meal if you’re a working parent.

So before you reach for ready-made meals or take-away, take on board some of these helpful tips to make home cooking easier for busy, working mums and dads…


Plan Ahead


Get in the habit of planning meals for the week ahead before you make your weekly visit to the supermarket. Knowing what you’re going to cook in advance might not only save you money but will ease the day-to-day stress of organising family meals.

This is also a great way to consider if your family is getting all the nutrients they need, including their 5-a-day.

A great way to plan ahead is by breaking down each day on a small calendar, letting you organise what time you expect to be home, what after school classes might get in the way of meal time or could be used as a simple tool to mix up your weekday menu!

Prepare Meals in Advance


You know better than anyone what will make your family rush to the table for a meal and it’s more than likely to be your home cooked food, and so one idea is to prepare all the essentials the evening before so your meal is ready to put together quickly after you arrive home from work or better still… ready for another responsible adult to take over.

Take time out of your evening to prepare ingredients – chop up the vegetables, whisk together the sauce and marinade the meat for a delicious home-made and healthy meal.

Prepare your family for the unexpected too; everyone knows how unpredictable rush-hour traffic can be or how easy it is to be struck down with the office virus, leaving you in recovery mode rather than cheffing in the kitchen.

Giving your family the right resources to bring together a tasty meal will leave you feeling stress free and happy knowing it won’t be take-away food for dinner.

Freeze Leftovers


Don’t let great meals go to waste – making extra portions of your family’s favourite meals such as lasagne or a pasta dish are bound to go down just as well the second time around and will save you an extra night of cooking.

This is a great alternative to sticking a ready-made meal in the oven or ordering in a take-away and you can control all the ingredients, ensuring that your family is eating healthily and getting the right nourishment from their meals.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is making sure you and your family can still find ways of maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet without your having to spend hours and hours in the kitchen.

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