Bake with Suzy Review

always want to spend more time baking with my boys but I never seem to find the
time, I get in a pickle measuring out the ingredients and often botch up the
recipe. So we were excited to try out
one of the Bake with Suzy baking kits, we were sent the Fun Shapes Biscuit
set. The kit arrived in a lovely tin,
which you can always keep your finished biscuits in.

The whole process was very simple, the ingredients were
measured out already and clearly labelled and the recipe steps were easy to
follow. You do need a couple of extra
bits not included in the tin but usually you would have butter, an egg and a
little milk readily available in your home hopefully.

boys were actively involved the whole way through.

Eldest was saying things like “this is actually fun” and “they
look really delicious”. They enjoyed
every moment of the baking session. 
Thankfully two cutters are included in the set, so they had fun making
the shapes to place on the baking tray.

now when we attempted biscuits before the mixture was too soggy and my poor
boys could not get the mixture out of their cutters, so we just made
unattractive lumps and bumps! With
careful guidance from Suzy we had no such problems everything went to plan.

biscuits were so nice to eat warm from the oven and smelt lovely.

Even I could not resist chomping down on
quite a few. I was very proud of the
boys baking efforts and their eyes twinkled with pride serving up a few
biscuits on a plate for daddy to try! 
The only problem was I was worried they might not eat their dinner; the
biscuits really were that moreish! 
Thankfully they gobbled it all down so they could have some more for
pudding “I can’t wait to get more biscuits into my mouth”!

gave the whole activity a big thumbs up. 
With sets like this I think more parents would give baking a try. They are a great idea to increase both your
own and your children’s confidence in the kitchen.

wide range of stockists can be found here. I am sorely tempted to get another kit, they
all sound so delicious though the hardest part will be deciding which one.

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