Pancake Pile-Up! Review

was sent this game from the lovely folk at Learning
Resources as part of the build up for Pancake Day on the 4th of March. I must admit it is a very addictive game,
it’s quite a simple concept really but it brings out your competitive side as
you try and run faster than the server for the other team.

boys (including hubbie) got a little rowdy pushing and shoving me out of the
way to get their pancakes on their plate first! But all the hi-jinks were good for giving them a decent
workout! I actually felt out of breath
so I definitely need to do more exercise.

think this game would be enjoyable played outside with plenty of space so
everyone can get at the pancakes without having to do the hustle I mentioned
before but to be fair to them they had to get through a narrow hallway and time
is of an essence!

love the game pieces; the spatulas and different flavoured pancakes make it
feel like a proper pancake grill. It’s
not all about who can go the fastest but how well you can balance your pancake
on the spatula, so this game really helps improve those gross motor skills.

servers take it in turn to bring a part of the customers order to the
plate. The order will follow the
sequence provided on one of the special cards, so you do have to remember which
particular pancake (blueberry, strawberry, banana, chocolate chip or plain) you
need to collect from the grill each time to complete the entire order
correctly. It is a good workout for the
mind on top of the physical benefits of all that running around, remembering
sequences is considered an early mathematics skill.

£17.94 I think it is a fun novelty game well worth buying that might just help
burn off the extra calories from all the real pancakes you hope to eat!!!

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