Chessington World of Adventures Review

was our first visit to Chessington and we were very impressed. We arrived as soon as the park opened at
10am and stayed till it closed (which is a testament to how much fun the boys
were having!).

the Easter holidays some of the more popular rides had quite long queues but
fortunately there are plenty of other things to do in between to keep your
children amused and happy.

I would thoroughly recommend watching Madagascar Live it
was highly entertaining for my two boys aged 5 and 6. Earlier on they had a photo opportunity so you could get pictures
with all your favourites from the show.

They were very playful characters full of life and mischief! Gloria pinched their baseballs hats and had
a go at wearing them, then one of the penguins joined in! I did eventually prise my two away so the
next child could enjoy a turn meeting the characters.

The boys and hubbie loved the Scorpion Express ride; it is
quite exciting with the addition of fire and squirting water! I would have liked to see it go round a
little bit faster, but it was just the right speed for my adrenaline adverse

Bubbleworks was a little random I think hubbie and I both
expected to see some actual bubbles floating all around us, but it was more a
bath/rubber duck theme. But this did
not stop the boys from really liking it.

ZUFARI: Ride into Africa! was a useful opportunity to get
closer to the wildlife and get some lovely photographs.

Tomb Blaster was the best ride in Chessington in our (the grownups)
opinion, it is on big scale and it seems to last a long time, so you feel you
were justified queuing with this one. 
The snake part made us all jump! 
It does keep you on the edge of your seat, but its not too scary or
anything. Eldest would have grumbled
non-stop otherwise! We enjoyed the
competitive nature of seeing who can get the highest score, although it’s
always guaranteed to be daddy!

A huge highlight was heading to Lorikeet Lagoon and
feeding the colourful tropical birds. You can
buy a little pot of nectar for £2 and then walk around the enclosed area to
feed the lorikeets. It was an amazing
experience and my boys were absolutely delighted when the lorikeets came over
to drink from their pots.

The Temple of Mayhem is well worth a visit. We did not have to wait long and once inside
the boys enjoyed gathering up the plastic balls and then filling the weapons to
“attack” their opponents.

I was running
around with an upturned baseball cap filling it with yet more balls for most of it!

Some of the rides Jungle Bus, Toadie’s Crazy Cars,
Seastorm and Jungle Bouncers had quite short queue times, which was very
welcome. We managed to do a fair few
rides even with it being such a busy day.

Next time we visit I would like to come for a couple of
days to really do the resort justice. 
It would have been nice to head to some of the “Amazing Animal
Presentations” and have a photo opportunity with the Octonauts. We really did try and cram as much as we
could into one day but it was just not possible to cover everything!

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