Continuing our #50things with the National Trust

headed to Powis Castle
to see if we could complete some more of the boys outstanding 50 things to do
before you’re 11 ¾.

They are already doing
quite well, steadily working through the list. 
It felt like we were enjoying nature more than ever this time, the walk
up to Powis Castle is lovely and green and once we were there it was fabulous seeing the peahen’s babies.

Eldest gave a go of climbing a tree

We picked
blackberries growing in the wild

We all enjoyed seeing inside a tree

We also had a fun time walking barefoot through a maze on the grass, we managed to get to the end eventually but we liked the feel of the grass as we made our way around.

You can read the full list of #50 things, so you can get your children involved. It is so easy to get them ticked off at National Trust properties. They offer so much to explore and discover and you really do feel you are getting closer to nature.

Working through the list is one interesting way to encourage your children to get outside, they will enjoy the challenge of completing the list I am sure, we certainly are!

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