Tips for Arts and Crafts Inspiration

Whether you live in the countryside or the city, are at
college or retired, we all suffer from lack of inspiration now and again. We
enjoy creating but cannot think of ideas for our next project. Here are a few
tips on how to get inspired, read the advice and see the ideas flow your way!

Get Some New Materials

Visit an art suppliers website such as and order some art
materials you haven’t used before. With a broad range of canvases, paints and
lots more you may find your new favourite media.

Visit Your Local Art Gallery

Many towns and cities have free galleries
to visit. Take a pad and pencil along and make drawings of your favourite
pieces. Take a close look at some of the techniques used by the artists on
display and see if you can replicate them.

Take a Long Walk

A lot of the great artists and thinkers of history were
vocal about the virtues of a long walk. Let nature inspire you and take the
time to think about your next project. Again, have a jotter or sketch pad with

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Push yourself to try a project that you wouldn’t normally
try. You are likely to fail but you are guaranteed to learn something.


An imaginative author or poet may give you a different
perspective or have you thinking in a new way. You may even want to base a
piece of art around a piece of fiction you have read.


Certain music artists can be truly inspiring. Listen to your favourite musician with
the aim of getting inspired, you will hear the tracks in a totally different

Look Back

Have a look at how your artwork has evolved over the time
you have been creating. It may offer some clues to where you should go next.
You may want to try and produce a new version of an old project. Just make sure
you are moving forward and staying original.

Carry Around a Pad

Don’t let moments of inspiration escape. Jot down any ideas
that come to you while you go about your everyday business. If you don’t have a
pad, make a note on your
phone or tablet.

Use the internet

There is a wealth of websites
out there that offer inspiration, tips and ideas for just about any type of art
work. Just do not get too distracted – limit your research

Join a Club

Talking to other artists and makers will no doubt get your
creative juices flowing again. Join a group of like-minded people or start your


you feel you are ‘blocked’ it is probably because you are putting too much
pressure on yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, just start creating
anything and see where it takes you.

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