Our Lindt Christmas Traditions

I was sent a hamper of Lindt chocolate treats to enjoy with my
family. The sheer number of goodies in
the box pleasantly surprised me; it was designed to get us thinking about our
own Christmas traditions. It was hard
not to be inspired seeing all the beautifully wrapped reindeer, bells, teddies, santa’s and snowmen. The gold foil and the
little details like the bells or tiny jewels were a real hit with my boys.

A real triumph was the gold reindeer packet that came with a set of fluffy antlers for them to wear. The boys are also looking forward to counting down the days to Christmas with the gorgeous Lindt advent calendars, fortunately they sent three so even hubbie and I can get involved this year!

Our traditions

Decorating the tree together

This is something we always do together, I am not too precious about how the tree looks in the end it’s just nice seeing the boys contributing to the process. With a few packs of Lindt Christmas Tree decorations its easier letting even the littlest children help out, no worry about breakables, although they might want to get chomping the chocolate!


Well for me one of the traditions has to be sharing, so I
made a point of raising a big smile from a friend grateful of her chocolate
gift! It’s hard not to resist the
luxurious taste of their chocolate and I had lots of friends eager to help with


We decided to make some Christmas Santa Hats;
you make up a brownie recipe adding lots and lots of Lindt chocolate into the
mix so it’s extra chocolaty and indulgent.

It looked very gooey and we could not wait for it to cook!

Once cooled you decorate with squirty cream, sit on a strawberry then add a final blob of cream to make the little bobble on the hat!

The boys had lots of fun and it was a great way
to spend quality time together as a family. 
They can manage cutting the brownie into shape (egg cups are the perfect
size and much safer to handle than a knife!), then adding the cream and strawberry themselves.

It’s a lovely festive activity, very simple to do and of course
you all get the enjoyment of helping them eat it afterwards! Lindt brownies are the only brownies I want to eat from now on and I think my boys feel the same…

The boys enjoyed being Santa’s little helpers and helping deliver a pair of Santa hats to their grandparents. It fitted in well with our love of sharing! We now have some lovely memories thanks to Lindt.

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