Ideas For Updating Your Outfit

Tired of the same old boring look but don’t have the budget for a new wardrobe? Don’t worry. There are many things you can do to perk up your outfit without breaking the bank. Even if you’ve got a little spare cash it’s better to spend on a vacation to the Bahamas rather than splurging on a ton of clothes you don’t really need.

Take a look at what you already have in your closet and get your sewing kit ready for great styling hacks.

  • Put on a hat: Transform your outfit in the simplest way possible by popping a hat on. You can make an easy stylish statement with what you put on your head. Mix and match too – try different hats with different outfits to freshen things up.

  • The shirt and dress combo: If you think your favorite strapless dress is too revealing for work, make it office-appropriate by layering a turtleneck top, a shirt, or a button-down underneath it. Go for the semi-Victorian look! You can also reverse the look by wearing a sweater or a turtleneck over the dress. Experiment at home and see what looks good.

  • Mix those prints: Many narrow-minded folks would say you’re doing a fashion faux pas when you mix two different prints together, but they would be wrong. As long as you keep your prints in the same color family, you can go gaga over florals, geometric patterns, and stripes as often as you want!
  • Sew on some buttons: Buttons, interesting appliques, patches, and other small knickknacks can turn a boring old shirt or a ratty jacket into a personalized, boho-fied fashion piece you’ll be proud to wear on casual Fridays and picnic Sundays!

  • Wear a sporty dress: “Sporty” and “dress” rarely go together, but you can make it happen by wearing stylish sneakers with a favorite dress for that laid-back appeal. Individual items need not be pigeon-holed as smart or casual – it’s the way you wear them together that counts.
  • A scarf for your waist: An outfit in mono can benefit from a colorful scarf tied around your waist. Wear the scarf as a belt and it will not only add oomph but also define your waist at the same time. Scarves never go out of style and are extremely versatile as well—you can even wrap a scarf around a plain-colored bag for a burst of color.
  • Skirt or pants—why not both? A floaty, feminine chiffon dress worn over sleek leather pants make up a perfect outfit for a night out with friends. For office wear, a seldom-worn tunic will go well over slacks or leggings.
  • Accessorize like mad: You’ll be amazed at the number of looks you can achieve even with a few accessories. Statement necklaces can be worn solo or stranded together; rings and bracelets can be stacked; and you can even wear mismatched earrings for a more playful—or rebellious—look. We recommend investing in accessories such as jewelry, belts, bangles, and scarves, as these cost less than clothing and can update even the same outfit differently.
  • Dig out your special items: Chances are you’ve probably already got some favorite items of jewelry that you’re keeping hidden away. Go into your jewelry box and put its potential to full use. As long you’re careful with your gold and silver and personalized engraved necklaces it’s safe to wear them – it’d be a shame not to wear them out after all.

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