Ideas on How to Document your Family’s Summer

Personally, summer is my favourite time of the year. Spending time with the family in the great outdoors, going away for a week or two, spending evenings in the garden; I love it.

The problem with summer is that, like all the best times throughout the year, it is over way to soon. In order to cherish the season this year, why not document it. Knowing that you are documenting each activity puts pressure on you to make the most of the summer and the documents you produce will give you something to look back on.

Create a Memory Box or Scrap Book

Keeping mementos from your days out is a great way to refresh your memory in years to come. The kids will love collecting tickets, trinkets and knick-knacks from their activities and sticking them in a scrap book. If you would prefer a memory box this enables you to accumulate bigger items such as key rings from gift shops or leaves collected from forest floors.

Go For a Photo Shoot

Getting a professional family portrait from somewhere like Venture studios gives you a fantastic souvenir to remind you of the summer. A professional photographer can bring out the personalities of the individuals in your family. You could also get the picture themed around the season.

Do a 1 Second Everyday Film

The 1 Second Everyday app is catching on fast with people recording a moment from their day everyday and editing them together into one film. It is a great way to see a long period of time in which you’ve taken in a wide range of experience in one short burst of film. This is a fun activity for the family as anyone could take the role of camera operator for the day and the kids will always be thinking of what they can capture.

Do a Doodle a Day

The publisher Usborne have a special Doodle a Day book in their range but it is not necessarily needed for this activity. All you need is a pencil and paper and perhaps rotate around the family setting the task of drawing their days in under 5 minutes. Creating the doodle on the day in question adds context to the document for when you look back at the summer’s events.

Make a Summer Bucket List

To make sure that you make the most of this summer, why not draw up a bucket list of things you want to do and achieve. By making such loose plans you can choose something to do each week according to the weather forecast and know that you are fulfilling your goals.

Keep a Diary

The classic way to document personal experiences is to keep a diary. You could turn this into a family activity by all contributing to the entry at the end of each day. Encouraging the kids to think back on their days and writing about it is a very healthy habit to get them into.

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