Popular Package Holidays You Should Take Advantage Of

Package holiday destinations have, in the past, had a reputation for being full of noisy families and sub-standard buffet dining. Yet the surge in people booking package holidays recently shows just how accommodation owners are trying their best to remove the stigma attached to package deals.

With more options than ever and a real focus on high quality facilities and services, the package holiday is becoming a favourite in our unstable economic climate, where we just can’t afford to splash out on luxury getaways. Couples, singles and people of all ages are browsing package deals more than ever before. According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), 51% of people booked a package holiday overseas in 2014 compared to 46% in 2013. “Perception of ease and of value was important for this group of consumers, with 62% booking because they have ‘everything taken care of’ and 61% saying that they believe packages to be the best value option.”

And there’s more than one way to add value to your holiday. “Make sure not to book during a busy season, and you can find some impressive savings,” advises Ian Crawford, marketing manager for online travel retailer Holiday Hypermarket. “You can also often wait for a late deal to come through and book then—many hotels and resorts would rather discount a room than let it go empty if it’s getting close to your travel date.”

So what package holidays should you take advantage of? Here we look at three of the best.

1. The all-inclusive

The All Inclusive has always been the favourite of the package holidays with the promise of a ‘one price for everything’ deal extremely appealing to travellers. With so much interest in all inclusive holidays, it is advised that you book yours during quieter periods and as early as possible for the best price.

All-inclusives come in many forms, from Spanish resorts to more upmarket villas where Champagne comes as part of your package… and everything in between. Make sure to list exactly what you require from your all inclusive deal as, once it’s paid for, there’s no going back!

2. The activity package

Many travel operators are offering package holidays with walking, cycling and other activities all included in the price. As well as accommodation and sports taken care of, most of these package deals come with half board or full board dining options.

Activity packages are great for singletons and couples who want something a little different, and there is also ample opportunity to make new friends. The bars and restaurants are usually used as meeting places and you can feel at ease as a lone traveller.

3. Villas, chalets and châteaux

If you are looking for a new experience from your package holiday, why not head to a stunning villa, skiing chalet or French countryside château? These deals work fantastically well if there is a big group of you travelling as costs can be split between everyone. However, chalets also offer a hostel-type experience, where you pay and bunk up with like-minded travellers.

Staff will cater to your dining needs and most packages usually come with the promise of a large breakfast, evening meal and drinks. Research your deal carefully so you understand exactly what is included.

With different types of package deal constantly popping up on the travel spectrum, the possibilities are endless. For great value, varied leisure options and high quality dining, the package holiday is becoming one of the best choices for travellers.

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