Golden Eggsplorers 2015‏ and Competition

are absolutely delighted to become one of the 10 Golden Eggsplorers
for 2015. We are joining a wonderful
team of mummy bloggers and are very excited at the prospect of writing about
our experiences of Reading Eggs, Reading Express and Mathseeds.

We seemed to have had more time to devote to eldest
learning to read and our poor little nipper has not had the same
opportunity. So I am thrilled to team
up with them and help my youngest play catch up. I know the colourful and engaging series of lessons will capture
his attention and guide him in his quest to be a more confident reader. Living in Wales his school does not yet work
on English reading so it’s very sensible to make a start in preparation for the
more challenging years ahead. So far we
have been following the lessons and have seen some good progress, it has always
been harder to keep him motivated as he switches off quicker than his brother,
but the incentive of seeing what will pop out of the egg manages to keep him
focused on the lesson content and inspired to learn.

an ambassador I will be bringing regular posts about our progress and any other
news and developments. At the moment
they have launched a school
readiness campaign to support children heading to school and to go
alongside this you can claim a four week free trial (offer ends June the 18th). Once you have experienced Reading Eggs you
will soon see how quickly your child can advance through the carefully structured
activities and reading lessons. That
boost to their development will mean they can start school feeling confident
and happy not struggling to keep up with their peers.

thought I would kick off the announcement with a fabulous competition for my
readers and offer
a combined subscription to Reading Eggs and Mathseeds (worth £47.95) for one lucky winner. If you would like to enter then please
kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 13th of June.

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51 thoughts on “Golden Eggsplorers 2015‏ and Competition

  1. I would love to win this for my Son. He is really enthusiastic about learning his phonics and I think he'd love this!


  2. daughter has visual stress and reading can be difficult this may seem more fun to her encouraging her to read more

  3. My son is 5 and struggling with his reading, I have heard about Reading Eggs but cannot afford a subscription at the moment. I have heard good things 🙂

  4. id love this for my daughter as she loves learning and reading and would really help her development 🙂

  5. This is something I would love to win for my Aunty. She has learning difficulties and I am helping her learn to read (currently on level 2 biff and Kipper) She would love this.

  6. I would love to teach my daughter to read, she's not quite four but is always asking me when she'll be able to read, she's very eager & I'd love to teach her but I'm not sure where to start.

  7. I would love to win because any help children can get with their education is a bonus. The prizes are also so much fun it doesn't seem like learning. Knowledge is the bomb. Thank you.

  8. i would love to win for my Granddaughter, Bonnie, she is only 16 months but already she asking to be read to,she loves animal books at the moment & thinks all animals bark like her own dog Kimba the Akita , too cute 🙂

  9. My daughter is currently doing a months trial and loves Reading Eggs. She comes home from school and asks me if she can use my computer and is really coming on leaps and bounds in her reading.

  10. I would love to win this to help my daughter develop her reading, language and math skills, as I believe they are one of the most important educational foundations.

  11. I would love to win this as my mum taught me to read when I was very young and it's been a life long love which I would now love to pass down to younger generations

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