Surviving on little sleep

tough being a parent; children do not appear to be automatically programmed to
sleep well, well mine never were anyway! 
It would be great if at the end of an extremely long and tiring day you
could switch them into shutdown mode until 7am the next day! But then who ever said being a parent was
going to be easy, it’s a long drawn out process of trial and error, early
starts (for awhile 1am was actually considered a good wake up time!) and YEARS
of minimal sleep. Is it any wonder my
blog was called Missing Sleep!

have teamed up with the mattress company NaturalMat to give a little advice from
them and myself about coping without enough sleep. They suggest making the most of what little shuteye you have by
investing in a decent mattress:

“Every moment spent in bed is precious and a
good mattress can make all the difference to having a good nights
sleep. Naturalmat take care to
ensure that all of their lovely organic and natural fillings are encased in a
pure, unbleached natural cotton cover, treated with natural geranoil to banish
bed bugs; keeping the mattress 100% chemical free, so both you and baby can
sleep easy at night”

I think it’s important to act as a tag team, take as much
support from your partner as you can. 
Just because they have work the next day does not mean they need the
lion’s share of the sleep, if you have a baby and a toddler to look after you
will find your day just as challenging as any day in an office
environment! Least at work you usually
get a proper allocated lunch break, cups of HOT tea and you can go to the
toilet in peaceā€¦ those are big privileges indeed when you are usually shadowed
by your mini’s for everything you do during the day.

not to clock watch, there is nothing worse you finally get into bed see the
time and internally despair. You know
if you do not go to sleep instantly then the next day will be a challenge to
survive, yet you seem to hone in on the ticking clock watching that previous
sleep time disappear!

gentle on yourself, if the standard of housework slips a bit and the washing
piles up so be it! If your children
still nap use the time to rest yourself not manically rush around the house
trying to complete a million and one things. 
It might also help to have caffeinated drinks in supply, if you need a quick pick me up!

of all remember this time of your life will not last forever; mine generally
sleep better now (apart from the odd nightmare or illness) so hang in there.

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