Planning Long Car Journeys in 2016: Get Prepared

have had more than our fair share of long car journeys with the boys in tow, I
will be honest they do not always go well. 
The travel sickness is slowly subsiding but the arguments show no sign
of abating, if one sings to the radio the other insists they need quiet and
visa versa! Until they are just
screeching at each other and poor hubbie and I are rolling our eyes at each

They argue over everything to do with anything and MUCH
more besides. We try and think of some
entertainment for them but its hard when your nerves are frazzled from them
carrying on!!! You see some bloggers
and there children looking happy and content in the back of a car, my boys drive
however each other CRACKERS! Next year
if I am going to stomach another round of blogger events then I really need to
make the car journeys more bearable before I lose my mind completely.

have a couple of games we tend to play, guessing the colour of the next car and
eye spy to pass the time, but they are wearing a bit thin. We need some fresh material to engage the
pair of them; I was looking at travel games to have
some inspiration and thought for anyone feeling like me it would be nice to
share their ideas to prepare for a more relaxing trip!

sounds an excellent choice; I
will definitely be printing out the template available to download from their

Then also making a few of my own
with even harder things to spot, the more obscure the better – look for a clown
juggling THREE balls (no less no more!) should hopefully keep the pair of them
out of mischief for AGES.

is a more grown up version of
spotting colours, you actually look out for car manufacturers, again you can
print out a handy sheet and then see if you can spot the logo’s.

you try and find something for each letter of the alphabet, so this
one again would be a good choice for my six and eight year olds (it might even
help with their spelling!).

think our problem is we have not adapted our car games as the boys have grown
so I think 2016 SHOULD be a better year for travelling with more happy smiles!

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