Pandemic Contagion Review & Giveaway

Hubbie and I played this first and once we got our head
around the rules we really liked the game concept. You are a disease and need to infect cities across the world; the
winner is the deadliest disease at the end. But its not all fun and games, you have certain events and WHO
(World Health Organization) cards that can make your quest that much more
tricky! For example a hand washing campaign
will wipe out some of your contagion cards slowing your progress, but other
events can work in your favour like the new school year starting (germs are
rife!), more people attending festivals or tourism on the rise making it easier
to spread your disease in the wider population.

is pitched at children 10+ but after we were familiar with the game we
introduced it to our eldest who is 8, he really enjoyed it too. He managed to get the hang of the game very
quickly. The game looks very appealing
especially the petri dish to keep your disease cubes. Your player board tracks your incubation, infection and
resistance scores, you can upgrade these with the contagion cards you

refers to how many cards you can draw when you choose that action, so it is
worthwhile upgrading this to get more cards as soon as possible. Also infecting cities is a slow progress
unless you have mutated to the next level of infection, so you can place more
disease cubes down in one go, up to the maximum of four! The level of resistance protects your
disease from event or who cards that might slow your progress. I never seem to advance my resistance level
so am usually exposed to whatever WHO puts in place to slow the spread of
disease. It’s a bit tense when you turn
over the cards to see what will happen next…

strange being on the side of the disease especially one that is intent on
wiping out entire cities but it is also quite educational learning as you play
what factors help and hinder the rate of infection.

Available from Amazon and all major toy specialists or if you would like to
win your own copy of the game please fill out the form below by the 27th
of March.

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106 thoughts on “Pandemic Contagion Review & Giveaway

  1. Sounds an interesting game, also educational and thought provoking. The family would enjoy and benefit from playing this game, therefore I would love to win the prize.

    Rachel Craig

  2. On the face of it, a rather weird title for a children's game but it actually sounds like great fun as well as being very educational. Excellent!

  3. It would make a lovely thank you present for my neighbours 11 year old daughter who is so kind and caring towards my 4 year old daughter.

  4. We are a family of game lovers. Our favourite is Ticket To Ride closely followed by Carcassonne. I love the sound of this game and it would be fab to add it to our collection. So much better than Monopoly!!!!!

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