How to Improve the Garden so the Family can Enjoy

The garden is said to be the most important room in your home. The British weather means that you can only really enjoy your garden during the summer months. That’s why you need to make the most out of it. This guide will show you how to improve the garden so the whole family can enjoy it.

Garden for the Whole Family

It’s often difficult to design a garden which is loved by the whole family. It’s either completely devoted to the adults with lots of nice plants, or is dominated by a huge trampoline. However, with some careful consideration and planning it’s possible to design a garden everyone will love.


All kids love exploring their environment and they are all interested in the world around them. If you have older children then consider fitting a pond. Kids will love looking for newts, fish and frogs. You can also plant evergreen shrubs to create shelter. This will help the kids play and explore the wilderness in the safety of your back garden.

Play equipment

A nice looking swing and slide set can be installed in most gardens without taking up too much space.

However if you have a small garden then look for play equipment which can be collapsed and tidied away when not in use. This will keep everyone happy.

Choosing Plants

When you choose plants you should carefully think about your kids. Although you might love roses, you should probably avoid them. The thorns can cause injuries and aren’t really child friendly. Instead choose plants and flowers which are robust and will not scratch your kids.

Your kids might even enjoy growing their own plants and vegetables. If you have space then consider letting them have a corner of the garden so they can practice growing their own vegetables. Raised beds are ideal for this since you can help weed. Your kids will feel extremely proud when the whole family is eating their vegetables. If you are looking to improve your garden but do not have the time you could always get a local gardener to come in and complete the job for you.

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