Transforming our Living Room with Posters

Up until now our living room wall has been covered in canvas
prints, I do love them as they are photographs of the children and all our
happy memories from the places we have visited but I felt like I wanted a bit
of a change. The room was missing a
certain something, a contemporary theme to bring it all together. We tend to just keep adding things and
hoping they “work”, a mixture of canvas prints, a couple of framed sentimental
prints and even an assortment of colourful butterflies attached to the wall…

I am happy to re-home the canvas prints elsewhere (we have
so many walls to fill in this house and I would never part with them
completely!) whist I add more minimalist art
to this room. Fortunately I
had a well-timed opportunity to review a selection from Desenio, as I have
really wanted to purchase a collection of prints as a feature wall for the room
for some time now.

The frames and posters all came well packaged and in
excellent condition after a prompt delivery.

It was then a simple process
adding the posters into the frames so we could start enjoying them straight
away. The print quality is great and Desenio use matte premium paper so you feel your getting quality but at an reasonable price.

I love bold statement prints, which still manage to look
understated and stylish, and it seems to be a growing trend we are moving
towards with more and more people adding black-framed prints to their interior
design schemes.

My favourite was the “Always be yourself unless you can be
Batman then always be Batman” – what’s not to love about Batman. But I think the boys have got their eyes on
that one, along with the best selling world map with animals. The map is colourful and educational,
allowing children to familiarise themselves with the habitats of lots of
different animals.

DREAM BIG was a good motivational message for the whole
family. I do like us to aspire for more, so looking at that print helps spur us on!

I am enjoying how these posters make the room look more fashionable and
Desenio has so much choice, whether you fancy searching for posters online
or graphical
they will have something to appeal to your tastes like this striking forest scene in the silhouette of a deer.

It’s all very affordable, I would
recommend buying the frames alongside their posters so you can co-ordinate
the look of the room perfectly. I have
seen so many more posters I would like, so I feel a big order coming on when
payday comes round!

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