Great Ideas for Eco-Friendly and Health-Conscious Mums

Have you been scratching your head wondering what to get a soon-to-be health-conscious mum? Well, stop worrying. Here are some great eco-friendly and health-conscious gift ideas for expectant mothers.

Teething Bling and Chewbeads

New mums have to adjust on so many levels and a few style conscious and practical teething baubles are sure to a hit. Teeth cutting days can be pretty brutal, so you may even want to consider a much-appreciated teething necklace mum can wear as she carries baby around.

Bath Balls for Babies

Handy bath filter balls work to dechlorinate the water for a baby’s bath. This is critical for health conscious mums who want to avoid their baby absorbing the chemicals in our water and keep baby’s skin incredibly soft. All mum has to do is run water through the ball and leave the ball to sit in the water for a few minutes.

Recipe Books for Baby Foods

Transitioning a baby to solid foods can be huge fun and a time of great exploration. You can help mum with easy and healthy recipes for when it is time to introduce foods to her baby and help set her little one up for a life of balanced, healthy meals.

Wool Dry Balls

New mums, especially, always seem amazed at the amount of laundry a tiny bundle of joy can generate. If you are not particularly close to the equator and not fortunate enough to be able to dry items outside in the fresh air all year round, using a dryer is probably going to be a necessity. Natural felted wool balls work to shorten dryer time and render clothing softer, which means a whole lot less need for chemical dryer sheets. You can look for other great ideas and buy baby gifts online.

What About Mum?

Don’t leave mum out of the gift buying equation, she is going to need a little me-time too as she adjusts to her new life.

Salt foot Soak

After giving birth, it is vital that a mother replenishes herself with ample nutritional and mineral support. A natural foot soak is the most perfect, not to mention relaxing way to do this, and can be found in many health traditions for post-partum ladies.

Organic Body Washes

Body washes that contain lavender are great for helping colicky babies to settle down and fall asleep. Mum and dad can put a little lavender essential oil on their chest, clothing or ears to create an environment of peace and calm.

As for the seriously health-conscious mum, why not spoil her with spa days especially for pregnant or post-birth ladies, a gift basket of all her favourite healthy snacks, and plenty of relaxing reading material, post-birth exercise videos, and healthy juices.

If you’re stuck for ideas, have a look online, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the mum-to-be.

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