Natural Cycles helping you achieve a #HappyPregnancy

Natural Cycles is a very clever
hormone-free fertility app that makes your life so much easier when you’re
trying to conceive. The app was developed by husband and wife team Dr Raoul Scherwitzl and Dr Elina Berglund pictured below.

I am sure it can be
heart-breaking going through the motions and each and every month seeing NOT PREGNANT
staring at you on in the test window so why not give yourself the best chance
and invest a small sum to better your odds. 
A trial month is only £6.99 or you can take advantage of the special
offer for a year signup and receive a 40% discount AND a free thermometer. For just over £50 you can let the app manage
your fertility for you! Don’t let those
peak fertility days go to waste…

How does it work?

Natural Cycles studies
your body so you can calculate your most fertile days. Usually it’s a bit of guesswork when your
trying for a baby, but this app actually tracks your body temperature to find
the days that you’re most likely to be successful!

I would definitely have given it a trial if the app had
been around 10 years ago when I started trying for a family; my mum had problems conceiving so I was worried I
would be the same. Lots of people do
have difficulties and this app helps take away a lot of the stress. You can target your “energies” when they
count. It can be exhausting trying for
a baby, so it makes sense to look at it methodically and focus on those 2 or 3
days that you have your highest chance of conceiving.

How successful is it?

Natural Cycles has
already helped 5,000 Swedish women conceive within less than three months. It has a great track record and now its
newly launched in the UK Natural Cycles are so confident in their
app they are offering women in the UK a refund if they don’t conceive in
the first 9 months of use.

Clinical studies have
also shown that the algorithm used by Natural Cycles is very accurate. So for a small price you can relax and just
enjoy your most fertile days! If you
have irregular cycles its even harder to pinpoint your most fertile days
without some form of help! The Natural
Cycles app can really transform the process of making a baby.

Natural Cycles speeds up the process of having children; women are leaving it later to start so when
they feel ready sometimes time can be of an essence. If you can clearly pinpoint your best days to get pregnant it’s a
huge advantage. It might even save some
of the rigmarole of going to the doctors and finding out about fertility
treatment, sometimes it can be as simple as just picking your most fertile

It’s uplifting reading
about the ladies who had managed to get pregnant after using the app. I like how the app even lets you know you’re
pregnant! Afterwards it’s handy to
continue using the app if you have irregular periods so you know when you can
expect them. It can help you feel more
in control of your body.

It’s not all
about getting pregnant though; Natural Cycles can also act as a form of
– as you now know which days you’re fertile and which ones you are not.

do you think of Natural Cycles?

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