Our Visit to Diggerland

This was our very first visit to Diggerland and I really wished we hadn’t
waited so long, when the boys were younger they were obsessed with diggers but
we never quite made the trip. I do
think though they are a great age now as at seven and nine they were tall
enough to go on everything there and really make the most of the place.

Diggerland is such an incredible place, it really is, and
they have developed the digger theme so effectively. The rides are well thought out and very clever. Rather than just digging in mud, children
can also knock over skittles and try and catch “ducks”.

Knocked down all the skittles at #diggerland 😀 x

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Spending the day at Diggerland in Devon was the highlight of
their half term holidays and I really do recommend it as a day out. The attraction fosters children’s confidence
as they get to drive real vehicles.

was lovely seeing how much the boys enjoyed the whole experience. They relished taking the controls of the
Police 4WD SUV and impressed me with their natural driving skills on the
special course. The lady was very good
with them, giving lots of encouragement and praise for their driving efforts.

The Diggerland train had the most adorable kiddie follow
carts, the boys made a beeline for these and it was fabulous seeing them laugh
and smile all the way round. They were
absolutely delighted with them!

The SkyShuttle ride went sooo high (50ft in the air I found
out afterwards), we hadn’t seen it in operation before we went on and couldn’t
get over how high we went! But it’s
great for views of the countryside around Diggerland.

The staff as a whole were really lovely especially the ones
on Spindizzy and the Safari ride, very friendly, chatty and loving their
job! Spindizzy was quite a thrilling
ride, its crazy to think how fast we were going round in a digger bucket! It really is quite something else, such a
speed and exhilarating. You could put a
thumbs down if you wanted to come off the ride which was nice and considerate
for children who might have had enough or thumbs up to carry on and go higher

The things you do for your kids @diggerland.uk #diggerland #spindizzy crazy ride the kids loved it! So cool going round in the digger bucket x

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Queue times were very good especially as it was the school
holidays. We arrived as they opened at
10am and managed to squeeze in quite a bit before Diggerland got busier. I liked how waiting times were so short as
the boys can get a bit restless queuing, which wasn’t an issue here. They also liked the fun facts board at each
ride, reading about how much every machine cost was quite interesting.

Definitely add Diggerland to your “bucket” list of
things to do with your children when they re-open in 2017.

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