aden + anais Metallic Muslin Square Competition

aden + anais have started selling
new sparkly muslin squares and they are adorable, somehow dealing with spit and
sick isn’t half as bad if your moping it up with something that shimmers. You can carry these in your changing bag
with pride because they are gorgeous (as far as muslin cloths go!) and very
practical. They are super adsorbent,
ultra soft (made from 100% cotton) and multifunctional (whether you need a security
blanket for your little one, a bib or just material to dab
something unpleasant off your shoulder. 
Whatever your mummy needs this is the muslin cloth for the job.

Us mum’s deserve nice things
because let’s be honest our days of glittery shoes and handbags might well be
over at least this way we can add a little twinkle to our lives. The metallic range comes in more than just
silver, you can pick from metallic gold, primrose and skylight as well. It looks like a more luxurious item now they
have brought out this metallic collection and a little bit festive with silver

If you want something bigger you could consider buying a
pack of swaddles again with the metallic makeover! These also have a multitude of uses so are handy to own but as
they are on a bigger scale you have more versatility including using them as a
nursing cover if you want a bit of privacy when your feeding.

I swear for the first few years
between both my babies I must have always smelt a little bit of baby sick, I wish I
had invested in muslin cloths or swaddles back then I could have draped one
over myself when winding the little ones and saved my clothes. So if you have any presents to buy for mums
to be don’t forget the metallic range with beautiful and functional gifts like these
what more could they want.

I am giving away a pack of the silver
musy muslin squares
(£20.99) if you would like to win please fill out the
form below by the 28th of December.

Win a pack of aden + anais Metallic Muslin Squares

88 thoughts on “aden + anais Metallic Muslin Square Competition

  1. Would be lovely for my first grandchild due next year. They would be nice to use when going somewhere special with baby, because they have a bit of sparkle in them

  2. It is so pretty! Have been told that muslins are a god send to new mums, and want to make sure I am getting the sister all the things which are useful. Rather than the million cute onsies I am sure she will get off others.

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