Christmas 2016


Christmas was lovely.  The boys seemed genuinely pleased with their presents, which is always a relief! We made them open the presents one by one in turn so it wasn’t a mad rush.  The months of preparation lasted slightly longer than normal…

We had another year of believers.  Although youngest is definitely now questioning the fake Santa’s he sees in Grottos, except for the Father Christmas in Lapland UK experience which he counted as the proper one and would like to go and help in the toy workshop next year.

Eddie the Elf was out again although I think I have lost my enthusiasm on this our 5th year. I was quite envious of the effort some parents put into being so creative with their elf. Mind you at this point I am just glad I have remembered to move it. I think next year the elf might be going into retirement.  Bah humbug of me I know but we have done our bit with an Elf door and other trimmings over the years!

We just about remembered to leave out the mince pie and milk for Father Christmas and a carrot and reindeer food for his trusty transport crew.  However we didn’t sprinkle the reindeer food on our doorstep because the included glitter is not good for birds.  Please add it to a plate like us to help our feathered friends!

Two excited boys ? #christmaseve x

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Christmas Dinner

We had dinner at my parents and it was delicious as always. Although next year hubbie is debating attempting it at ours. Mind you before we get to that point we need to make progress with our renovations and fix the other half of our oven! So I guess whether we do host it next year all depends on how much money we can save to get organised.

Face mats proved to be lots of fun! You can get packs quite cheaply and entertainment wise they liven things up.

These face mats are hilarious ? x

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The dog was pleased with her presents from my parents and us. She was a pro at opening presents by the end of it. Although the poor cute gingerbread man toy didn’t last very long!!!

I love this time now after the excitement of the build up to Christmas and the day its self have passed, the boys can enjoy their presents, we can appreciate time together as a family and relax a little! It all gets a bit intense the week before Christmas, literally the day before the boys are in a bit of a panic whether Father Christmas will actually deliver them anything but coal! I guess that’s one advantage when they stop believing they don’t have to worry so much in the run up to Christmas, because they know we wouldn’t let them go without.

Yesterday we went to our neighbours for festive drinks and nibbles, they put on quite a spread.

My neighbours don’t do things by halves lovely buffet spread yesterday ? x

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It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and the boys were actually well behaved which was a Christmas miracle in itself!!! We still have a week off school to fill, but with board games to play, scientific experiments to perform and lots of chocolate to eat I think they will be happily occupied until their return.

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