Respite Care: When you need a little help

I am more aware than ever that my parents aren’t getting
any younger and I hate thinking of them becoming frail and life changing from
how they like it. My mum usually has a
very active social life, but had a bad foot lately and hasn’t been very mobile,
she is used to going to coffee with the girls, craft sessions and fundraisers
so it really knocked her for six having to rest her foot and limit her
activity. It’s exhausted my poor dad
too running around after her and doing extra duties in the home, we help as
best as we can but with two children, a dog and jobs it’s hard juggling

did any food shopping my mum needed, ran errands and husband drove her to
doctor’s appointments. It would be
difficult if they needed to move in right now whilst she recovers as our house
is still a renovation project, we also have two loud (slightly feral) children
that can be a bit too much if your trying to recoup from an illness or
injury! You need somewhere peaceful for
TLC and you can just imagine as I get my parents comfortable the boys will kick
off into another full on sibling fallout… (with loud shouting, screaming and
perhaps a spot of wrestling!!!).

there are alternatives and we could look at booking short-term respite care if
needed. What is respite care? you
might well ask, well it’s a provision for people looking to move into a care
home just for a little while. It might
only be for a week, possibly family are away on holiday and no alternative
carers are available to watch over them in their own home.

Barchester Respite Care Guide details more information but I do think it’s great something
like this is available. I fully intend
to make my home available to my parents when they need it, but I just need a
couple more years to get it straight!!!

Respite care is also
good for those at home if the main carer needs a little break, caring for
people with more advanced medical needs can be difficult and sometimes you need
space to look after yourself too. You
can book them in and know they are safe and protected so you have none of the
worries about their well-being.

I am hoping my brother and I will be a bit of a tag
team, so if I needed to go away he would be able to help in the interim, but I
am glad that we have options whatever we all decide to do.

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