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My eldest enjoyed putting on his spyglasses (you can see behind you!) just to take a picture with the box. He was quite excited to begin to guess the secret identities of the agents so wanted to get into character straight away!

This is a fantastic game very simple of get into, the rulebook is quite big but it just breaks down what you can and cannot allow in the game so don’t let it put you off. We were a bit more casual with our game play but we did try to stick to it being a one-word clue each time. It is for children 10+ but both the boys (aged 7 and 9) wanted to give it a try and soon got the hang of it.

You have a series of words on the table that relate to a coloured key card. Your job as the spymaster is to get your field operative(s) to correctly guess the words linked to the position of your own agents. Ideally you try and find a word clue that might relate to a couple of words on the board so you have a better chance of winning. I said winter 2 (meaning 2 clues) and my youngest correctly guessed Glove and Snowman. You are taking a chance trying to get more right in each go as the field operative might touch the wrong card – if it’s the assassin card then its game over!  It’s very clever and does get you thinking.

The game has been well thought out, I liked how the word cards are written so you don’t have to struggle to read them upside down. So far I have lost four games, so I think I need to put a bit more practice in… I like the challenge of the game; you’re on tender hooks after saying your word clue hoping that your operative doesn’t pick the wrong card!!! You might even end up helping the other team by incorrectly identifying their card.

Codenames is a good party game as you can have two big teams of operatives guessing the spymasters clues. It won the “Spiel des Jahres 2016” award and quite rightly too I think as we definitely found it enjoyable.

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