How To Manage Stress

husband has a high-pressure job, a blog of his own and commitments with the
children and the house to fit in everyday. 
On top of that he has occasional meetings for a charitable organisation
he helps with. Sometimes he worries he
won’t fit everything in, it can all seem too much. You don’t know if you’re coming or going with everything you’re
trying to juggle.

all have our ways with coping with stress; there are different strategies we
can try to help manage it:

Do something you enjoy

Take time to relax. For
me its putting on the kettle and having a slice cake with my cup of tea,
instantly my mood perks up, even when I am tacking quite tight deadlines!

Others might prefer to get outside, have a
nice walk and clear their heads. Patting my dog helps, she is so receptive to love and cuddles and her
tail wags non-stop it’s hard to feel stressed when you have a bundle of fur to
cheer you up. Hubbie
used to smoke
and I really don’t want him returning to that particular
habit to control his stress. If he
really had to do something like that I would prefer he picked an e-cigarette
like those from Go Vype,
just because they seem a better alternative and are considered less dangerous
than cigarettes.

Say No

are all guilty of taking on too much, worried about offending someone by saying
no. But its something we need to do,
set boundaries, don’t take on extra when you already feel you’re at breaking
point your health is more important. In
the workplace you might worry about the consequences of saying no, but if you
fail to deliver on something in the longer term then it’s going to look much
worse according to Suzy Greaves Life Coach (NHS
). Set realistic objectives.

Ask for Help

of us have some kind of support network so don’t be afraid to lean on them when
you need too, whether its to pick up the children so you can work a bit longer or share out some more responsibilities at work.

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