Interiors: Increasing Natural Light in Your Home

like letting in as much natural light as possible into our rooms. The gentle warmth of the sun comforts me and
helps me feel more positive and upbeat. 
Dark rooms can be depressing and make you feel gloomy and
claustrophobic. Somehow the walls close
in and the room seems smaller and not quite as inviting.

how much natural light comes in to a room can really alter the whole feel of a
room, transforming it into an airy pleasant space. It can have lots of additional benefits like the requirement to
spend less on electricity.

are a few suggestions to help you bring more natural light into your home.

Window Coverings

The obvious starting point for letting in natural light is
with your choice of window coverings. 
Some blinds are quite restrictive; you do not have much flexibility with
how much they can open. Avoid dark
curtains or thick material that block out valuable sunshine.

always a balancing act between wanting to let in enough light and still
maintaining your privacy. If you live
in a built up area, there is nothing worse than looking out and noticing
everyone else looking in on your private sanctuary. At the same time you do not want your blinds completely closed or
you risk feeling confined and cut off from the outside world.

Luxaflex have developed twist blinds these
are very clever and solve the light privacy dilemma. With this product you have much greater control over how much
light you let in whilst still managing to preserve your privacy. The innovative design slides two fabrics
past each other so its much more adaptable to your needs. You still have relative solitude but you
have the advantage of lots of light streaming into the room through the lighter
shade of fabric.

The twist blinds operate
much like shutters but without being quite so expensive to install. Sometimes you might have too much natural
light then you can adjust the blinds to avoid glare or the room becoming too
hot. Twist blinds can look very
contemporary and modern and they have a wide range of designs to suit your
interior but I like them best for their functionality. Being able to control light in this way,
gives you greater freedom to manipulate your living environment.

The Room Layout

It might sound obvious but do make sure that furniture
does not block the windows in your rooms, keep the space around the windows
free and uncluttered so they can bring in as much natural light as possible.

Choice of Paint

If you want lighter
rooms it’s also important to think about the colour paint you choose. White is always a good option as it reflects
natural light around the room, but you could also consider cream or magnolia. Obviously you might not want everything light
coloured at the risk of the room appearing cold or clinical. It’s trying to pitch it right so you have
that happy medium but this can be achieved by bringing colour to the room
through the choice of furniture or accessories.


Adding mirrored surfaces
can help reflect the light around the room, this is especially effective if the
mirror is placed directly opposite the window or by another light source.

Solar Tubes

Solar tubes can bring natural
light through reflective tubing to a fitting in a room that has no window. This is a good option on a landing or
hallway that might otherwise be every dark, but if you can work with the light
you have already it would be more cost effective. A mirror might be able to bring enough light from another room to
avoid requiring the upheaval of installing these.

Artificial Light

If you have tackled all
of the above and you still feel the room is too dark, then it might be worth
experimenting with artificial light. If
your windows are just too small to let in much natural light to work with and
the cost of installing bigger ones is too prohibitive, consider table lamps to
bring light to darker corners of the room.

if you are in the process of building a house from scratch think very carefully
about the positioning of your windows. 
Ask yourself questions like “Which direction will sunlight enter from?”
– south facing windows are the best choice for letting in sunshine all year

5 thoughts on “Interiors: Increasing Natural Light in Your Home

  1. I love these ideas! I feel so much better when there's more light, particularly in the winter so it's a great idea to do everything possible to bring as much light as possible in. I need to get a few more mirrors in my place!

  2. The front of our house is dark as it is north facing so we have to think about making it lighter with window dressings and paint colours. I love lamps for brightening up dark corners though x

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