Our Year of Adventures

I want 2017 to be filled with
adventures and I noticed lots of people these days seem to gravitate towards
travel blogs. A friend of mine had
developed her travel blog Toothbrush
recently and it got me thinking why don’t we have a travel blog

I think it’s a great idea as its
one way to remember and reminisce about our family trips together. Children grow up in a blink of an eye so I
wanted to try and squeeze in more trips and memories of our time spent together
before they are more interested in chasing girls and their own
independence. Plus it makes us get out
and about seeing new attractions because we want to fill it with lots of lovely
content! Eldest has renamed Saturday to
“Adventure Saturday” as the last two Saturdays we have made a point of going
off somewhere. Hopefully if the bank
allows this is a tradition we can continue.

Although our blog name isn’t
quite so catchy, The Reluctant
so called because let’s be honest my husband is not quite as
eager to head off on an adventure as I am. 
He would quite happily live his life in our little village till the end
of his days, but he will have a hard job trying with me on his case…

Plus the boys are starting to get
behind the concept too! Although the
slate museum was a tough one to encourage them to do, they did love it in the
end. So it’s all about trying new
things and widening our horizons.

I am
excited looking through different sites, doing my research picking out places
we haven’t been to yet. Some places I
would happily go again but the main aim of Adventure Saturday is to do
something unique for us! Weather
permitting this coming weekend it might be go-karting and archery, if not it will be thinking caps
back on.

I have mentioned Florida on the 5
year travel plan because there are so many different attractions to see, they
dish out big portions of food (I still remember the incredible frozen yoghurt
sundaes going back 23 years ago when I was there last!!!) and I also like the
sound of a baseball
after reading my friends post. 
I was unsure where to settle on for my 40th but I think
Florida I am starting to sway towards.

So please do have a nose around both Toothbrush Packed
and The Reluctant Traveller and leave a comment with any of your must visit
attractions so I can add them to my bucket list.

8 thoughts on “Our Year of Adventures

  1. Florida is amazing, we went last August and I already can't wait to go back but I'm waiting until Bugs is atleast 10 as it was just too much for him.

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