Make Healthy Eating Fun for Kids with Your Own Vegetable Patch

healthy eating

In recent times, there has been a heavy focus on the importance of teaching kids from a young age about the importance of healthy eating. When you encourage your children to have a healthy diet, it will drastically improve their health and reduce the chances of weight related issues when they are older.  It also helps in the short term.

However, it can be difficult to sell fruit and veg to kids who only want sweets. So, what can be done?

A Fun and Rewarding Task

The best way to educate your kids on healthy eating and promote a balanced diet is to make healthy eating fun. This can be achieved through growing your own fruit and vegetables in your backyard.  It’s a fun and rewarding activity where the kids get to play in the dirt and be outside in the fresh air.  Most importantly they can watch something that they look after grow into something that they can then eat for dinner.

Other Benefits

In addition to making fruit and vegetables more enjoyable, it can also bring several other benefits. Once the produce has grown, you can then teach them how to prepare delicious meals.  This will help them massively when they move out as they will be able to cook for themselves and on a budget. This activity also develops patience, nurturing and responsibility skills.

What to Grow

To really make it a fun and engaging task for the little ones, you will want to grow interesting vegetables that grow relatively quickly. Radishes, beetroot, courgette, snap peas, tomatoes, potatoes and pumpkins are all excellent options. Once you have harvested these, you can then progress to more challenging (yet rewarding) produce. Of course, it always helps if it is a food type that your kids already like.

Getting Started

Getting started is quick, easy and low-cost too. You simply need to pick a patch in your garden that gets plenty of sunlight.  Ideally it should be somewhere that you can always supervise them. Next, you should set up Premier Polytunnels around the patch to stop the wind and to keep other threats outside.

You will need child-sized spades, rakes, hoes and gloves. You should help them with soil preparation, seed planting, watering, maintenance, weeding and harvesting. Try to make this a fun family activity and they will soon get the hang of it and enjoy tending to their crop each day.

Teaching kids the importance of healthy eating is extremely important and it will fare them well as they enter their teens. Getting kids into fruit and vegetables from a young age can be tricky, but growing your own vegetables is a fun and very rewarding task that they are sure to love.

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