Our Experience Beach Cleaning

beach clean

The other day we helped out on a beach clean.  It’s really shocking how much litter you find left on a beach. So armed with our litter pickers and bags we decided to do our bit! Beach cleaning is a great activity to get children involved in, it teaches them to be good citizens.  From now on whenever we are in the area beachcombing we will combine it with a quick beach clean too!

Please if you visit anywhere use the bins provided (ideally recycling ones if available!).  We all need to do our bit not just so the place looks better but to help the creatures that live there.

We learnt more about how rubbish was affecting wildlife.  One poor baby seal died from a crisp packet it had eaten. It’s inexcusable to just dump your rubbish.  So whether you’re local to the area or a tourist do your bit to keep the beach clean.

We picked up all kinds during our stint that day.  Birthday candles being the most obscure.  Really if you want to celebrate on the sand, please take home your candles afterwards!!!

But the biggest problem is plastic. My boys learnt about nurdles.  You can barely see them but our beaches are littered with these little plastic beads. Nurdles are used to make plastic.  However one way or another lots of them make their way on to UK beaches causing chaos for birds and fish. Youngest wants to start collecting them so he can do more to help.

He is pleased he knows what they look like now.

We all need to rethink how we do things.  Re-using and recycling being the main priority, so that we can help make a better world for the future generations. I didn’t realise that clear bottles are easier and cheaper to recycle because they don’t need to be dyed.

Way to go Sweden

Sweden are leaps ahead of us in terms of recycling.  They actually import rubbish to keep their recycling plants going, which says a lot!!! Less than 1% of Swedish household waste goes to landfill each year.  That is an incredible statistic and something we all need to consider. They actually burn waste to heat their homes.

It’s time the UK made some changes.  Going on the beach clean certainly opened my eyes to the bigger issues.

I hope this post will encourage more of you to recycle and join in with beach cleaning events. Every little bit helps make a big difference.

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