Celebrating Coeliac Awareness Week with Mr Kipling Gluten Free Cake!

Cake for Coeliac

Today the 9th of May kicks off the start of “Coeliac Awareness Week”, now in its second year. I am all for getting behind the campaign and helping people have a greater understanding of the symptoms.  They can learn to manage the condition and hopefully start to repair the damage to their gut. Since November 2016 I have started having stomach cramps and pains when I eat certain foods.  It’s definitely an area I find interesting and need to explore further.

Managing the condition

The management of the condition once diagnosed is following a gluten free lifestyle.  This can be hard if you have certain foods you want to continue to enjoy. Thankfully companies like Mr Kipling are making the transition much easier and more palatable. You can still have your (exceedingly good) cake and eat it thankfully! I remember the quote a day without cake is a day wasted.  Well don’t waste anyone of your days and stock up on their delicious gluten free range instead available exclusively at Tesco.

Mr Kipling Gluten Free cake

No longer do you have to feel frustrated that you cannot get hold of the tempting treats you once enjoyed, life would be so depressing for me without decent cake, its my one main indulgence. Celebrate in style this week with Mr Kipling Gluten Free cake, see the diagnosis as a positive; you can start to feel better!

We were very impressed with the selection of Mr Kipling Gluten Free cakes we were sent; we all had our own favourites. I really liked the flavour combination of the Ginger & Lemon Loaf cake (pictured below); my boys thought the Mini Cherry Bakewells were so cute and tasty and my dad was a fan of the Apple Loaf Cake.

Reassuringly all these cakes are made in a dedicated wheat and gluten free bakery in the UK, so you can be confident their cakes are not going to aggravate your condition. The packets also feature the Crossed Grain symbol so you know these cakes have the all important gluten free certification, this means that annually products are tested in a laboratory to make sure they continue to conform with their status of being gluten free and suitable for those with coeliac disease.

These cakes are great to add to gluten free lunchboxes.

So remember life is too short to say no to cake and even those with coeliac disease don’t have too anymore! Thank you Mr Kipling for thinking of everyone.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Coeliac Awareness Week with Mr Kipling Gluten Free Cake!

  1. I was really pleased to see the much bigger range of Coeliac friendly products on the shelves in the UK since we last lived here. Makes life so much easier for those that suffer. Love Mr Kipling cakes too so that's great! 🙂

  2. Oh wow, although I am not a coeliac I do avoid gluten as much as I can as it aggravates my fibromyalgia so these sound just totally yummy and I can imagine for those who do have to avoid it completely a welcome addition to the market. I will be keeping an eye out for these next time i'm shopping 🙂

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