Collect Moments Not Things

collect moments

I have been thinking about this more and more lately.  I just look at the presents the boys have had that are still in their boxes.  They haven’t been played with or used yet.  It seems such a waste. I do think I am guilty of buying for buying shake.  Just to pad out presents at Christmas to make sure they have ENOUGH? But when is enough, enough? Maybe its time to collect moments not things.

Why do they need so much?

I love seeing their faces light up but seriously it’s got to be about balance.  If I am honest I think I lose the plot! I try and think what they will like but even then months and months down the line not everything is utilised.  It’s just more clutter for their rooms.

Happiness shouldn’t be tied to the boys physical possessions.  As long as they have the important things covered, shelter, warmth, clean clothes and food in their tummy, surrounded by family that love them surely that’s the most important things.

Christmas, birthdays, even Easter it all gets so commercialised now. We all try and out compete each other it seems, with pictures showing a child surrounded by a mountain of gifts!

It just goes to show mine have too much if a PS4 game is still in the wrapper five months later with no sign of it ever being played I need to rethink the types of presents I give, reduce the quantity but also change the type of presents. I want to buy experiences instead, those will be more unforgettable presents when they are older than a whole lot more plastic tat.

Less presents more experiences

Hopefully I can change in time for Christmas this year so we can be more about collecting moments.  Days out can be expensive.  But at Christmas we could focus the money we usually spurge on presents on booking unique and memorable experiences throughout the year. Eldest would love a trip on a fishing boat.  Spending quality time with his dad! I am not sure how the boys will feel about the change, they still believe in Santa but only just! But we could book more shows like Brainiac Live this that they really enjoyed.

Some presents admittedly worked, my son getting a metal detector, with it he is outdoors looking for treasure, a sense of adventure in his heart and always hopeful he will find something valuable! That present has made lovely memories for him over and over again but other presents just add more of the same (more building bricks, more toy cars, more board games…) they have enough!!! Far more than I ever had or they ever need.

Hopefully this Christmas can be different.

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