Introducing Smartick for Better Math’s Grades


I always encourage the boys to read, our house is full of books.  But mathematics is not my strong point and I don’t feel I give them enough support in that area. I don’t have enough patience to explain it clearly.  Probably because I struggle to understand some of the concepts myself. My husband is better with figures but he works longer hours.  It’s difficult to find a time that suits the boys and him.  That part of their education has been neglected somewhat.  Well until we stumbled upon Smartick that is!  With large classes at school I think it’s helpful to give them some additional guidance, just to keep their learning on track.

We did briefly do MathSeeds but that is quite limited in comparison to Smartick which progresses with your child until they reach 14.

I feel quite fortunate that the boys recently registered to Smartick a math’s app that I am already very impressed with. I like so many different things about it.  It’s great that each day you have only one short session.  You can’t do anymore than that.  Once its finished you have to wait until the next day. I think this is manageable amount of learning to fit in.  Children have their own priorities and it’s not fair to take up all their free time.

I like that there is no real pressure just a tiny bit of each day is committed to doing mathematics.  But it is already making a huge difference from what I have seen. A short session is better for their concentration levels.  They keep on task and don’t switch off.

After the lesson children are free to browse the shop and spend the coins they earn from completing the tests. This helps motivate my two as they have big plans for what they want to buy.  Youngest has seen a robot and eldest wants a virtual pet. The app gives extra bonus points when children complete so many consecutive days so its another reason they are eager to log in every day as they don’t want to miss out on the chance of any extra coins! I wasn’t allowed to take pictures when the actual maths was happening incase I slowed down his progress and his coin collecting!!!

When the boys first signed up they completed a test each to determine what level they should start from. The app has the full support of the European Union as it cleverly adapts at your child’s pace.  This ensures they never feel overwhelmed or frustrated by the lesson content. So far they have always been excited to complete their Smartick session.  Eldest has always quite enjoyed maths so that comes as no surprise really but youngest never shared his enthusiasm.  But even he is keen to get started on his lesson each day and its lovely seeing him make progress.

I like how at the end of the session I get emails letting me know how they both got on. It gives me their score and a little bit of information about how they got on, what work they were completing and how long it took them to finish. I feel like I am really involved in their learning experience, eldest struggled with one lesson but the app will now adjust the content to remedy that gap in his learning, tailoring future lessons so he can continue to improve his skills and understanding without it denting his confidence. You can also log onto the tutor page anytime and learn more about how your child is doing in greater detail, its very in-depth, lots of figures and even lets you know how they compare with other Smartick students their age.

Sign up for a free trial

So why not sign up for a two-week free trial and see for yourself how great the app is.  I am going to continue with the app when my trial runs out. It might seem expensive but I think the benefits far out way the cost and I really want to help the boys reach their potential. Plus I can sit back and relax and just wait for their results to ping into my inbox, whilst hubbie is pleased he is off the hook and doesn’t have to squeeze maths tuition into his busy schedule anymore, so Smartick is working for everyone in this family!!!

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